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MULE Theme - Atari vs C64


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I just noticed something that I found a bit surprising.  For the EA classic M.U.L.E., the theme song for the Atari version (which came first) has 4 voices.  The C64 version, with the mighty SID chip, there are only 3!  Here are a couple of videos cued up to a spot where it is easiest to hear.  It starts with drum, then bass, then synth line.  The Atari version clearly has two.  C64, only 1!  The lower-pitched rhythm synth is missing!! 

Do you hear it too? 

In any case, it is one of my all-time favorite video game theme songs. 

Atari version (start at 39 second point if I didn't embed this properly):

Commodore version:


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