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Perpetual Calendar


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This is a calendar program I wrote back a decade ago, and recently ported to Lynx when getting the C compiler working.

It's a bit like the calendar on your phone that can keep generating calendars for months long into the future.

The data is calculated, not data stored within. Enjoy!


Perpetual Calendar.lnx

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Very cool! 😄 Reminds me of the Calendar on the Tiger Game.Com I think it was similarly calculated to save SRAM. I used to use that and the address book, and the PDA functions. Would have been neat to have a PDA for the Lynx. A little SRAM cart to save your address book, notes, etc. maybe a real time clock too. 😉



 Free to download--> Carrot Kingdom™- :atari_2600: - Released 5/11/2021

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Thanks Guys 🙂 There seemed no way to upload a rar package, but instructions should be pretty self evident 😉

Although the calendar program has no limit on paper, variables would blow out at some point, and it would go haywire.

I implemented some limits long before that happens in the joypad routine to preserve the interface appearance.

The limits are years 1800-9999. 1800 is an actual hard coded limit because the program does need to know one year

that began on a certain day of the week to begin calculating from. 9999 is arbitrary.


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