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Electronic Gaming Monthly’s Top 39 Atari Lynx Games Ranked


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Electronic Gaming Monthly’s Top 39 Atari Lynx Games Ranked


From the video:

Of all the game systems I own, one of my all-time favorites is the Atari Lynx. While it was nowhere as popular as Nintendo's Game Boy or even Sega's Game Gear, the Lynx always felt a step ahead from a technological perspective. The 16-bit processor and fancy scaling and rotation effects allowed the surfboard-shaped system to play 3D air combat games like Blue Lighting, intense racers like Road Blasters and an arcade-perfect port of Ninja Gaiden. What's more, the extended line-up included an atmospheric Dracula game that was way ahead of its time, the best (and craziest) version of Rampage and a surprisingly solid port of Xybots. Compare this to what the competition was putting out and it's, well, black and white.

The Lynx was also way ahead of its time when it came to the hardware. For example, the games came on little cards, similar to what we saw with the Nintendo Switch. Games could also be programmed to be played horizontally or vertically, something that some developers took full advantage of. The Lynx was also one of the only systems that allowed left-handed gamers to turn the controls around. Oh, and did I mention that you could link your system with up to 15 other units. This was the handheld of the future, which makes it all the more frustrating when I tell you that the Lynx only sold 3 million units.

To date, there are 76 officially released games for the system, including a few that came out as late as 1999, exactly four years after the system was discontinued. Of those 76 games, Electronic Gaming Monthly reviewed 39 of them, or 51% of the library. To help celebrate the greatness of the Lynx, I wanted to see EGM rank the games using their own words and review scores. Join me as we flip through the pages and countdown Electronic Gaming Monthly's Top 39 Atari Lynx Games.

0:00 - Introduction
2:13 - Commercial: Lynx (Tobey Maguire)
2:42 - Super Off-Road
3:12 - Basketbrawl
3:39 - Robo Squash
4:01 - Desert Strike
4:30 - Malibu Bikini Volleyball
4:50 - Zarlor Mercenary
5:13 - NFL Football
5:38 - Xybots
6:02 - The Guardians: Storm Over Doria
6:29 - Kung Food
6:53 - A.P.B.
7:16 - Pac-Land
7:38 - Dirty Larry: Renegade Cop
8:08 - Commercial: Lynx (Four-Players)
8:34 - Xenophobe
9:01 - Blockout
9:27 - Dinolympics
9:52 - Pit-Fighter
10:13 - Steel Talons
10:39 - Pinball Jam
11:03 - Crystal Mines 2
11:25 - Todd's Adventures in Slime World
11:46 - Rygar
12:09 - Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom
12:41 - Warbirds
13:04 - Hydra
13:27 - S.T.U.N. Runner
13:52 - Commercial: Lynx (Option Switch)
14:09 - Lemmings
14:26 - Lynx Casino
14:52 - Joust
15:15 - Chip's Challenge
15:36 - Gauntlet III: The Third Encounter
15:58 - Shadow of the Beast
16:22 - Road Blasters
16:43 - Rampart
17:06 - Toki
17:30 - Turbo Sub
17:53 - Blue Lightning
18:17 - Ninja Gaiden
18:40 - Klax
19:09 - Commercial: Lynx (3 Out of 4 Characters Agree)
19:25 - Question of the Day

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