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Before all the emulation handhelds we have today there was this.

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Got me thinking about them after watching this new awesome video by MVG. 

GP2X Wiz - The Handheld Retro Emulation Beast from 2009

Description - 

The GP2X Wiz is an early ARM based gaming handheld device that released in 2009 by Game Park Holdings. While it was not a success, the Wiz was very popular with emulation enthusiasts due to its open platform and many popular emulators were ported to run on the device. With the impressive specifications of the GP2X Wiz meant it could run many systems at good levels of performance. And it came complete with an AMOLED Touch screen. In today's episode we take a deep dive into the GP2x Wiz and see why it was considered an emulation beast as far back as 2009. Please Enjoy!


Today it would seem we are spoiled for choice by handheld emulation devices by the likes of ANBERNIC, MIYOO, POWKIDDY etc, and though I don't have any of the modern options back when things like the GP2X debuted I was actively working and collecting and was really into them. After this recent video on the GP2X WIZ I pulled these out of my collection. The Open Pandora, GPH CAANOO, the Dingoo of course my GP2X WIZ. These were the open source handheld Pioneers that paved the way for and held options that we have today. 😎👍




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