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  1. I don't think it would become my favorite, but I think Odyssey 2 is probably the coolest console I don't own.

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    2. HDN


      My dad had an Odyssey 2 growing up. Some of his favorites were Football! Computer Golf! Crypto-Logic! Quest for the Rings! And Attack of the Timelord! Until I told him about it a few years ago, he didn't even know that Odyssey 2 had a voice module. He had some other games I can't remember at the moment. It's a shame he got rid of it, but at least his cousin and best friend kept his 2600 collection. It's really trippy that I'm playing on the same console he played on when he was younger than I am.

      Here's the thing: my dad remembers some games his cousin had for his 2600 collection but I don't have. Games like Pitfall, Frogger, Adventure, and, get this, Crazy Climber. He thinks there might be another box somewhere in his cousin's house. He may just be misremembering, but his theory holds water; I own the boxes for Star Trek SOS, Spider-Man, and Super Challenge Football. Not sure if Crazy Climber is in there, but I'm pretty sure he has another box somewhere. I will have to ask him sometime.

    3. RickR


      How cool if you could get the games with the family history!  Do it!  Be a pest! 

    4. HDN


      Almost all of my retro consoles have some family history. My dad's SNES he got in college. My NES was my uncle's from college. The 64 was a present from my mom to my dad when they were first married. The XBOX was won in a raffle in 2001 or 2002. Atari 2600 as previously mentioned from his cousin. 7800 and GBA are exceptions. My dad had an OG Game Boy before I was born but my mom apparently threw it out. Game Boy of some kind and 2600 from a-tar-i were my two dream retro systems, and I'm happy to have them both now. Especially these specific 2600 consoles with all that history. I was going to give the Woody back to my dad's cousin someday, but COVID happened so it's chilling at my grandparents for now. I'm trying to think of a good starter set for him. I don't want to part with any of these sweet games, though, so I was thinking of buying some cheap duplicates sometime later when the virus is over and I have some more money from Christmas and Birthday and hopefully from a job sometime soon when it's safe.


      I'm not sure if Crazy Climber was in there or not, but my dad swore by it even before I got the system or knew the game was rare. My dad's cousin kept a lot of his boxes but not all. If there's another box of boxes someplace and Crazy Climber just happened to be CIB (if it was there), I would lose it. When I was fixing his systems (he had two), the manufacture date on the Woody was June 27th 1981. That's after his birthday, so he may have gotten the system in Christmas of 81 or the first half of 1982, unless he got it earlier than Christmas of 81. That one appeared to have had soda or something spilled on it. The Vader model I think came out in late 1982 or 83. I don't know when that one was made as it didn't have a date in it. He might have gotten it secondhand later in life for all I know. Neither of them remember the Vader even existing. Anyway that would have put it at the right time for Crazy Climber. That was an '83 game I think. 

      He kept the manuals almost all of the games, boxes for some as well, but not all. Like I said there is plenty of evidence that there are more games somewhere, but there is no evidence I could find of him being in the Atari club. Unless Crazy Climber went to stores somehow for a limited time, but that's highly unlikely, especially in our area. 

      TL;DR: Lots of system memories. There has got to be some games somewhere. No concrete evidence that CC is among them, but no evidence that it's not there either.

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