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  1. Bought a Colecovision and found these strange games with it. One is Beamrider and one is HERO.
  2. Bought a Colecovision and found these 2 games with it. One of them is Beamrider, one is HERO.
  3. Thanks for the games @Scott Stilphen They arrived in great condition and are being played right now!
  4. Welcome @1Littlebeast This is a great place to be...it’s where the cool kids hang out 😁
  5. You should have put some marshmallows in there; I could have had s’mores when the games arrived 😁
  6. Picked up: Swordquest Earthworld Math Gran Prix Fun with Numbers Video Checkers Canyon Bomber Pole Position Riddle of the Sphinx Tennis Space Shuttle Street Racer Burgertime
  7. A lot of these duplicates are heading to my house as we speak 😁
  8. @MaliciousCarp I love finding games I had when I was a kid. Unfortunately I sold my collection a number of years ago and have regretted it ever since. So I am trying to build a bigger collection to help me relive my youth...plus they are the best games to play!
  9. @socrates63 pretty much anything I don’t already have...I know, that’s super helpful huh? 😁 I am a sucker for Activision and would really like: Pitfall 2, Dolphin, Enduro, Frostbite, Plaque Attack. Although I would just be happy with anything that’s new to me.
  10. @Atari 5200 Guy You know where to find me anytime you get more duplicates and are looking to trade. Take care!
  11. Here are my duplicates that I am looking to trade. I’m located in Canada...I don’t know if that will scare people off or not (shipping is often more and takes longer). Combat Raiders of the Lost Ark Missile Command Defender Super Challenge Football Berzerk Ms Pac Man Asteroids Haunted House Space Attack Keystone Kapers Indy 500
  12. I love this attitude of a community. I was talking with some people (not on here) who were treating their love of Atari like a competition and not being at all helpful or friendly. They reminded me of a grumpy old lady who wouldn’t share a recipe. 😁
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