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  1. This is actually really cool. Love the arduino.
  2. Ooh gonna have to put this one on my "to watch" list.
  3. https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/15/business/sears-bankruptcy/index.html Doesn't mean they're liquidating the entire company yet, but this is looking like a Toys R Us situation.
  4. Atari Gamebox LLC is a subsidiary of Atari SA. According to this, http://www.atari-investisseurs.fr/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Atari-Actu-DDR-2017-09-VDEF-DEF.pdf, they are 100% owned by Atari SA. Again, I don't think the Atari VCS is a bad thing, I think it's just an issue with their marketing side of things. I think if they can sort out their launch, it can be really good.
  5. It's a shame. Atari, I think, really has something here. An open, but enclosed, platform that's easy for indies and kids in their basement to develop for. They are shooting themselves in the foot with this messy marketing.
  6. https://www.engadget.com/2018/04/30/atari-vcs-pre-orders-start-may-30th This is actually quite interesting. It will come with the Atari Vault. People are looking at this like its a retro console and a competitor to the NES Classic and stuff when it's clearly supposed to be its own thing and a modern console.
  7. Heck yeah, this movie is epic. It’s weird how eerily close we are to being there tech-wise. We kind of are there technically, but not practically. Most of the tech in the movie exists now, just not consumer ready, which it could be in the 2020s and beyond.
  8. https://hothardware.com/news/ftc-proclaims-warranty-void-if-removed-stickers-are-totally-illegal This is quite interesting. This has been a practice for some time if I recall. I don't know if this changes much of anything though.
  9. There's a rumor of some games that will be on the VCS http://comicbook.com/gaming/2018/04/09/ataribox-atari-vcs-first-games-revealed/
  10. I don't understand what the issue is with reproducing an old computer or console. Like, these mini plug and plays are cool, but I'd buy a new Commodore 64 or something like that in a heartbeat. An new retro style computer with a homebrew community would be cool. Selling games out of the basement and working to make games and all of that.
  11. This is a weird gimmick to fund this movie. I don't think it will work at all though. I want this movie to happen really badly though. I'd love to see a movie about Atari in the theaters. https://www.theverge.com/2018/3/21/17148338/atari-documentary-cryptocurrency-ico-nolan-bushnell
  12. From the looks of it, they are trying to make it have new games as well. If they are good retro style games, it might be worth it. Without physical media though, I feel like it wouldn't be as cool. If it has old games and have new software for it, then it would be cool. It'd need a "killer app" though to justify the $200 cost that they seem to have been going for.
  13. I may have gotten a little hot headed about this. The lack of info concerns me though.
  14. http://ataribox.com/ The name change smells familiar... *cough* Coleco Chameleon *cough* Also, the most confusing new console name since the Xbox One. And again, no information AT ALL. There's no new developments other than "THE NAME IS NOT THE ATARI BOX NOW GUYZ!"
  15. Hey guys, My friends and I are starting a band and I'm just trying to get the word out. Thought you guys might have wanted to know where I disappeared to for so long lol. I hope to be more active this 2018, but I'm also working a lot with music. We released a demo we'd been working on last night. We're going for some really crazy genre bending with this band, lots of 80s and 90s influences. Check it out. http://www.soundcloud.com/thearmadaband
  16. This looks pretty cool. Might have to look into this one.
  17. Going to have to play some Yar's Revenge tonight or something.
  18. Good. That's all I have to say about this.
  19. Here's the official description
  20. It's pretty good, it's about some guy who played Atari as a kid who has like 6 months to live or something and I'm guessing he is going to try to find the sword from the tournament or something like that or at least that's what it's building up in issue 1. Idk if they actually are in a fantasy world at all in it.We'll have to see. The Centipede one is supposed to be like Sci-fi horror.
  21. The Atari comics haves started apparently with little fan fare so far, though this is just issue #0 of their Swordquest series (not the original comics, new and original story). It looks as if The next issue of this will be out next month. Then Centipede starts in July. Here's the cover of the Swordquest comic I got today.
  22. So I've rebranded my channel for the ten millionth time, but I'm going to be making laid back review videos in the vain of No Swear Gamer or LGR. Here's the first video
  23. yo, more High Schoolers on this site is always great to see!
  24. Yes. It works really well. Ive been playing with it for a few days now
  25. Yeah, I love playing this game on emulators.
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