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  1. Glad to be back, so I updated my trading post! You see something you like? I'd love to make a trade! ????
  2. Here's an example from a Canadian 31-in-1 cart I have. The upper board is a Famicom board, which slides into the converter board, on the bottom. The solid black plastic piece in the middle-ish area is the female end of the converter.
  3. Famicom games will work in an NES with the converter found in many early "five screw" NES carts like Gyromite, Ice Climber, etc. Many of these were already released on the Famicom in Japan and in an effort to have lots of nice launch titles for the NES, the Famicom boards were merely stuffed in the American style carts with a converter jammed in between. The converter can be removed (the Famicom board slides right in) and with a bit of hacking, a useable converter can be made with one of those early carts. Not all five screws have them, so be sure to open them up before cutting anything apart.
  4. Typing of the Dead was an oddball released for that system. ????
  5. Very cool! What a great community we've got here! Wish I knew what became of my old CV, since I can't seem to find one near me.
  6. I picked up some IntelliVision stuff today & I should have a few dupes. I'll probably update my post tomorrow. ????
  7. Package came in from RickR today; thank you, bro!
  8. I'd like to think that this very popular game helped usher in the era of games with proper endings. Might just be wishful thinking though.
  9. BTW, I live about an hour from that store. I REALLY should get up there...
  10. I used to have a Coleco waaaay back when (it has since become "lost" according to the person I left it with) and mine had that sticker. I left it.
  11. funny that you mention Cohen: I just made an iHeart Radio channel based around him! Really, I DO listen to (mostly) everything. It really, REALLY depends on mood, BAC, and current activities. My son is into 80's/90's techno/hardcore/trance, so I've been getting back into that a lot again lately. I've also been listening to "K-Billy's Super Sounds of the 70's" lately...
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