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  1. It is the 90th episode, and there is time for...Pie Factory Podcast. So, here we are: ninety episodes in. Fun fact: if you listen to an episode of Pie Factory Podcast every day for ninety days, it will take close to three months to complete. While you're at it, play a couple of rounds of Dark Ages rugby, but don't fall under a rock. http://fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode090.mp3
  2. I guess I should chime in (apologies for being late!)...I bought a Vectrex and Sean Kelly Multicart from Scott about a year ago. Very happy guy here!
  3. Hey, all...I really didn't want to just pimp myself here, but Justin encouraged me to post updates about this podcast nonetheless. With his blessing...Chapter 6 is out! February is a short month, but not so short that a new chapter isn't published! In this episode: Growing Up Catholic: Catholic School - Sean talks about his wacky adventures in education under the rule of the Vatican Long Title -- Music For Schnooks -- Don't Meet Your Heroes: Talented Dummy Edition - In honor of a recently departed musical hero http://schnookpodcast.com/audio/Schnook_Chapter006.mp3
  4. Episode 89 is available! Wait…isn’t Pie Factory Podcast a biweekly podcast? Didn’t they just put out a show five days ago? But…how? And then they…but there’s another…hoo, boy; how did they do it? (It’s called physics.) Look, just enjoy the show, mac. http://fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode089.mp3
  5. Tonight only: Pie Factory Podcast's Triumphant Return! Episode 88 features falling blocks discussed by these falling blockheads: what could possibly be more fitting? In this landmark 2019 comeback, join Sean and Jim as they talk about not Ferg. That's right, Ferg will not be mentioned in this episode. Listen to find out why! http://www.fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode088.mp3 (BTW, it seems I'm only posting podcast stuff here...I apologize; I promise I'll try to make my posts more useful!)
  6. Drat....saw this too late.
  7. Chapter 2 is now available. As promised, I'm not posting anything that isn't video game related...(hint, hint!) https://www.schnookpodcast.com/audio/Schnook_Chapter002.mp3
  8. With episode 87, Jim and Sean decided to end 2018 on a...well, let's face it...weird note. I mean, come on! Who's ever HEARD of these games?! Well...SOMEBODY must have, or else there wouldn't be a podcast talking about them! Podcasts just don't talk about games that don't exist! (or do they?) Regardless, this certainly is a podcast episode, and we hope you will all agree. http://www.fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode087.mp3
  9. Who says Friday is black? We at Pie Factory Podcast say it's, uhhh....black also. So yeah. What does that have to do with episode 86? We, uhmmm...haven't the foggiest idea. Just listen. http://www.fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode086.mp3
  10. BTW, the RSS URL: https://schnookpodcast.com/feed/podcast/
  11. Well, friends, the time has come... Autobiography of a Schnook has officially launched! The truth is, though, it launched last week. The preface (or, as some podcasts call it, "episode zero") was released, but I didn't want to make an announcement until the first episode (or "chapter") was available as well, just to get both an introduction and some context out there. The podcast is available on all the major podcast providers...except Apple Podcasts / iTunes...because, well...Apple takes up to two weeks to approve podcasts. Heck, even Google Play only took *hours*! But hey, it's out. What's it about? Well...for years it's been my observation that you can go to a library or book store and find biographies of...famous people...but no biographies of just your average, everyday schnook of whom nobody's ever heard. I figured I should publish an autobiography and call it Autobiography of a Schnook. The reality is...I'd never actually finish it. But eventually it occurred to me: why not do it as a podcast? So...here it is. Despite my two video game podcasts and my frequenting of video game fora, my first love is actually music, so every episode will have a segment called "Music for Schnooks." (Spoiler alert: a future episode will have a "Music for Schnooks" guest many of us have heard of. ) Having said that, I will NOT be posting here every time a new episode is out. In an effort to be as on-topic as possible, after this point I will only post when an episode has a video game topic. I just wanted to announce this podcast for now. I don't know if this podcast will be any kind of success, but I really don't care; I just want to do it, and I invite you all to give it a listen. The home page is schnookpodcast.com. There's a Facebook presence, so you can "like" the page at facebook.com/SchnookPodcast if you do the FB thing. Episode links are below: ----------------- PREFACE: Welcome to the world of a schnook. Sean isn’t anybody rich, famous, heroic, or otherwise remarkable; he’s just a schnook. And he’s here to not only tell his story, but also to refer to himself in the third person. https://www.schnookpodcast.com/audio/Schnook_Preface.mp3 ------------------ CHAPTER 1: In the first chapter of Autobiography of a Schnook, Sean focuses on Thanksgiving-related topics: – A Thanksgiving Curse? – Music For Schnooks: Don’t Meet Your Heroes (Troubled Genius Edition) https://www.schnookpodcast.com/audio/Schnook_Chapter001.mp3
  12. In this final show for the year, Sean waxes philosophical about Thanksgiving and Extra Life...but not about wax. Go fig! http://homebrew78.fab4it.com/media/hbh_episode_048.mp3
  13. At long last, Sean and Jim have returned with episode 85 of their ambivalently named downloadable quasi-radio show, this time investigating a couple of outer space themed games in which somehow explosions are still audible in a vacuum. Tell your friends! http://www.fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode085.mp3
  14. I only used it during my ExtraLife run on Tuesday night. Works like a charm.
  15. This is the homebrew from Packrat Games. Box and cart (never had an overlay). I'm asking $15, INCLUDING shipping. US only, please.
  16. My theory was that the reason they didn't have any actual gameplay on camera was that Atari didn't want to show it, for obvious reasons. But there were other commercials that did show the gameplay.
  17. Wow. Next time I do this, I really need to re-think my strategy. I got a later than expected start on Friday night, only getting in about three and a half hours. I was gaming at Underground Retrocade for thirteen and a half hours (it was actually open for fifteen hours -- an extra hour in observance of the switch to standard time). That's a total of 17 hours, meaning I had 7 hours left the next day, Sunday. I spent the night in West Dundee, as per my wife's suggestion. She didn't want me driving home for 25-30 miles after staring at video game screens all day until 1am. That was a GREAT idea. I was just...out of it! I started feeling stoned at about 11pm. I went to the front desk to get a drink, and I saw that there was some Baja Blast in the fridge. I figured perfect: 1) it's a Mountain Dew product, meaning lots of caffeine, so it'll give me a little kick; 2) Baja Blast has proven for me to be a headache cure -- I didn't have a headache, but this would ensure I wouldn't get one!, and 3) by the time I'm done, there should be a sugar crash, so I'll sleep easily. Seriously, this was HARD. If you happen to spend hours playing video games because you're having fun and lose track of time, that's one thing. But when you're intentionally doing it because you committed to doing it, it's completely different. it was especially hard for me because usually if I have a huge gaming session at an arcade, I'll take breaks, maybe go for a little stroll around town, etc. But Saturday I took two breaks: one for lunch, and then another one later to unload my stuff in my hotel room and then grab some frozen custard for a yummy snack. And those breaks were still kind of...not laid back at all. But I left the Retrocade at about 1:45am, and when I got to my hotel room, I watched Ferg's stream while getting ready for bed. And sure enough: massive sugar crash, and I'm pretty sure I didn't so much sleep as I was actually temporarily dead for six or seven hours! I woke up, showered, got dressed. I got some breakfast where I had lunch the previous day, but man, they were hugely busy. I got seated right away, but it took awhile for my order. And as a result, I got a late start heading home. I left West Dundee at about 1pm, expecting to get home to Chicago at 2pm. Sure enough, I got home pretty much exactly at 2pm. My wife asked me to re-consider finishing my Extra Life stuff yesterday, though, because assuming I had seven hours left, then that would mean if I went straight to video games as soon as I got in, took no breaks, etc., I'd be gaming until 9pm. Problem: because my wife is a teacher, she has to get up supremely early, (Being a married couple, we share a bed, so when one of us gets in or out, the other can feel it and ergo would be awoken.) So she suggested doing a few hours yesterday, and a few hours Tuesday night since she won't be home until late. (Those of you who think a teacher's day ends at 3, well...that's....extremely not true. Same reason that your garbage collector doesn't actually work for JUST one day a week.) I have about three hours left to do, which I'll do Tuesday when I get home from work. Probably will pull out the Vectrex for at least some of that. If I do this again next year, I'll split it up over two weekends. Maybe an arcade day one weekend, home day the next. BTW, Scott and Alex and Underground Retrocade were both awesome and willing to bend over backwards to accommodate me for Extra Life, but I didn't want them to at all. I don't want any special treatment that any other customer wouldn't get. (Heh. Scott told me to let him know if I needed anything. I felt bad -- I wanted him to tell me if Alex needed anything - she was on her own for a while, and it can get busy on Saturday!)
  18. Hi, friends! Episode 47 is out a day early on accounta I'm starting Extra Life tonight. (I'm trying to bring "on accounta" back into the vernacular. And "swell." And calling people "mac.") This installment takes a look at unquestionably the longest-awaited product for our beloved 7800! http://homebrew78.fab4it.com/media/hbh_episode_047.mp3
  19. BTW, there's a guy in Wisconsin who, for his Extra Life campaign, will be doing a 24-hour marathon of Track & Field. I told him he needs to post "before" and "after" pictures of his fingers.
  20. Oh, good grief...I forgot to put my Extra Life link: https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.participant&participantID=318352
  21. I'm extra-lifing too! I'm going to do some home gaming Friday after work. On Saturday I'll be at Underground Retrocade in West Dundee, IL the entire time it's open (11am - 1am), taking breaks for lupper and visits to the tinkle pit (so I'm estimating gaming for 13 hours), then more home gaming on Sunday. (I just can't do a straight 24 hours - I have to break it up!) Last weekend someone beat my Underground Retrocade house high on Ms. Pac-Man Turbo. My high: 760,000 (foiled by the machine reset bug!)...the guy who beat my score got something like 885,000 and also was a victim of the dreaded reset bug. (He played another one earlier and didn't get the reset bug but did get the upside-down-rendered screen.) The reason my score was relatively low I most likely attribute to missing a lot of monsters. I practiced some grouping strategies, so I'm going to start working on re-claiming my place at the top. I'll also be trying to improve my TG record on Jr. Pac-Man Turbo. At home I'm going to try to re-claim my Atari 7800 Asteroids Deluxe TG record. Somebody beat my record by only a few hundred points! I'll be streaming as much of my gaming as possible at twitch.tv/piefactorysean My hospital of choice: Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago. My goal, just like with Starbuck66, is $500.
  22. My mother never wanted anything to do with video games (although she did insist that I join her in a game of Mr. Do! some time in the '90s when we were waiting for a table at a restaurant; don't know what came over her!) but often my dad would play some Atari stuff with me. He's VERY left-handed, but the CX-40 is wired for right-handed people, so he'd only play games that didn't require a fire button - usually Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man. (He actually brought that up recently! "I was getting addicted to that!" he said.) He'd also play Super Breakout, as he had no problem wrapping his right hand around the paddle to operate the button.
  23. I live in Chicago, where Sears was started and for decades was its home base. It's just...weird...knowing that this city no longer has a Sears. My school uniform clothes usually came from Sears. Typical predictable Catholic school stuff: navy blue pants, light blue collared shirt, optional navy blue sweater. I remember when we lived in Bourbonnais, IL, the school handbook actually said, "...which can be purchased at Donna's Young Towne." My mother said: "I'll buy my kid's clothes anywhere I damn well want!" It was usually Sears. Toughskins, of course. I remember one day while shopping at the Orland Square Mall, I wanted to get volume 2 of the Beat Street soundtrack. I was ten years old. I asked my brother if he could spot me a few dollars because Record Bar was asking for more than what I had on me. But then when I was in Sears, I saw it for dirt freakin' cheap. Bought it there without having to borrow a cent. (Still have it in my collection, too!) Speaking of Orland Square...the mall my family and I went to regularly was Lincoln Mall in Matteson, IL. (In Bourbonnais we didn't have a mall, so once a month we'd take a half-hour drive to Lincoln Mall.) it was kind of a tradition that my dad and I would split a box of popcorn from the Karmelkorn store. Well, we eventually would go to Orland Square semi-regularly, but they didn't have a Karmelkorn. So my dad and I would get popcorn from the Sears candy department instead. None of my Atari stuff came from Sears. (Didn't have any Telegames-branded products growing up!) But during my Commodore 64 days in the early '90s, I went to the Sears store at the local mall (in 1986 we moved somewhere MUCH better, and in fact where there were TWO malls in town!) and bought a five-pack of software that included Paperboy, Road Runner, Gauntlet, and Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom.
  24. Episode 47 of The Atari 7800 Homebrew Podcast will be focusing on the long-awaited, upcoming Froggie. You can find the podcast on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, the website http://homebrew78.fab4it.com, or use this feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/homebrew78. What are your thoughts? Share 'em here! You can also e-mail text or audio to homebrew78 -at- fab4it -dot- com. I want to get this podcast out a little early, so I'm asking for responses by 11:59pm CDT this coming Wednesday, 10/31. Comments are welcome any time, including after the deadline; any feedback from after the deadline will simply be addressed during a later episode. Here's a link to where you can download the ROM: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/272483-whats-up-with-froggie/?p=4052614 BTW, the podcast will be going on a hiatus soon and will return some time after the new year.
  25. Episode 46 takes a look at some unfinished games from 7800 homebrewer extraordinaire PacManPlus. Even in their unfinished states, these games still demonstrate Bob DeCrescenzo's amazing talent. http://homebrew78.fab4it.com/media/hbh_episode_046.mp3 Oh, and...episode 45 was released two weeks ago and I totally forgot to post about it! Episode 45 wraps up the remaining titles from frankodragon...at least until he produces more. http://fab4it.com/homebrew78/media/hbh_episode_045.mp3
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