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Asteroids is one of the best games on 2600! Classic!

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After playing Space Battle and Space Hawk on my Intellivision, I played Asteroids on my Atari 2600, and must say, this is one of my favourite classic games ever! It was a hard choice between Space Invaders and Asteroids!








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While neither of them are my favorite, Space Invaders takes the nod for my true classic pick.   Both were great, but for my money...the port of Space Invaders was spot on.

Then again, Space Armada is my favorite version of Space Invaders, and I prefer Astrosmash to Asteroids. :)

"For you - Rowsdower from the 70 - have been appointed Omnivisioner of the Game Grid."  ~ Atari Adventure Square

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If you like Atari 2600 Asteroids, try Spiceware's Space Rocks. Darrell's homebrew is much better than the original Asteroids, and even includes a vector version like the arcade machine.




Darrell Spice Jr. is also a guest speaker at next month's Houston ArcadeExpo.  www.arcadecenter.com






Brian Matherne - owner/curator of "The MOST comprehensive list of Atari VCS/2600 homebrews ever compiled." http://tiny.cc/Atari2600Homebrew

author of "The Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion" book series available on Amazon! www.amazon.com/author/brianmatherne

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