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Let's play some Baseball


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Your choice -- any Atari baseball game.  In honor of the MLB post season going on right now!  Play a video baseball game and post your screen shots here.  For some infamous "nerd cred".


Here's mine:  5200 Realsports Baseball.  What a fantastic game!  Love the speech in this game so much.  I lost 3-2 in a 3 inning game (that went to 6 innings)



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I couldn't just pick one!


Home Run



Super Challenge Baseball



RealSports Baseball



Pete Rose Baseball



Back to Back home runs!



The Lineup



That was my first time playing Pete Rose Baseball. I was impressed! Graphically it looks great but the fielding controls, not so much. I even enjoyed playing Home Run (until I had an issue, which will be another thread).


Great idea Rick!

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Played 2600 Realsports Baseball this evening.  I stopped playing after 4 innings with an 8-3 lead.  It's just too easy.  This game looks good, but is really flawed.  All pitches (even balls) look exactly the same!  How are you supposed to know whether to swing or not???!!! 



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