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A cool place to put all your toys?

Clint Thompson

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I know a lot of people tend to take a secondary room and convert it into their little domain or some wives/girlfriends are kind enough to let us take up the entire basement and turn it into what many call a man cave, although I've never been particularly fond of the term. What about the rest of us? What if you live in a much smaller house or just don't want to overtake parts of the house so you can enjoy your hobbies and have space for all your "junk"? I've found the solution... It'll either convince your significant other to allow you to dedicate a room of your liking TO your liking or she can just watch the money fly out the window ;-)


Truth be told, I really like this idea. It's basically a mini modern pre-fab with heating/cooling that you can make your very own, especially if you just don't have the extra space at home or elsewhere and can afford a little bit of land in the back to place it on. A place called Kangaroom Systems will ship you kits or if you're lucky enough to be in Texas, they'll assemble it right on your lot. 200 square feet of personal space at 12 x 16 sounds really nice and they look really nice as well. The price may be a little steep for some to do more than just sleep on at just under $10,000 but it's the perfect place to call your studio and place all your computers/gaming consoles in. Basically your personal resort. Does anyone have something similar to this already or have managed to taken over garage space and convert it to their domain?








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That's pretty cool!

I currently have a section of the basement cordoned off for my retro gaming needs. I play current gen up in the main living area.


However, we may be moving later this year. The trade off for moving to my dream location is a much smaller home. I'll have to get creative at that point.

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