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Dungeons & Dragons : Lessons from a media panic

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The lesson I teach my own kids is to always think about things themselves.  All sources are to be questioned.  Be smart and skeptical.  Trust is built with honesty and truth -- and that applies to news, authority...everything.  And if all else fails, turn off all noise and just think about it in peace and quiet. 

I always loved D&D myself, but it was hard to find any other players in my teenage world.  I'd say it was equal parts of being afraid to be labeled a nerd and the type of BS in the video above that kept other kids from playing.  Thank God for video game versions -- Alternate Reality, Atari Adventure, Scott Adams' adventures....all pure gold when there wasn't anyone like-minded who wanted to play. 


My own kids have it much better than I did.  A group of parents that rotate hosting and no real limits other than keeping it fun and fair for everyone. 

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I had a nice circle of D&D friends growing up.   We were lucky considering what a rural area we live in.   In school?  Not so much.  

It's easier than ever to play now.   There's a great website that facilitates gaming with players all over the world.  So many tools at your disposal we never had growing up!

Great to hear kids still play and enjoy it, and yes....my favorite games have always been the ones inspired by D&D.   Alternate Reality, Apshai, Telengard, Adventure, Dragonstomper, and OF COURSE the AD&D games on INTV.

Just look how big games like Dark Souls 3 are today, and you can see what an impact D&D has had.

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I never got into D&D, but I did like the whole mini figures and elaborate play fields that very talented and imaginative people created. It's something that made it into the turn based RPGs for video games that I enjoyed. Like dragon warrior and the dragon quest series that I enjoyed the computer doing the math and hit/magic counting for me so I could enjoy the story more.


Several spin off games such as Magic the gathering are a form of D&D in my opinion. I never got in that game either, but watched friends play. The rules were kind of fuzzy for me and I guess it just wasn't my style.


The great thing is that kids use their imagination still, that is what's important. Games are what make life entertaining and gives just enough energy and enjoyment to carry on when life gets hard. Keep playing and stay young and happy!

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The hysteria is pretty amusing to look back on. Saying that the victims of these murders/suicide all had D&D in common is silly. I bet they had a lot of things in common. I bet they all went to school, took math, ate peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, drank Coca Cola, etc. Ridiculous...

I bet it was that darned Atari. 

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