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Negative review of the NES


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Man...the writer dogged the old NES controllers?  I will admit when going from Atari-style joysticks to that game pad seemed a bit of a let down at first but Nintendo made the right call on that.  That D-pad with stood a lot of gaming across multiple upon multiple game genres and never missed a beat.  I have had new 2600 controllers go bad after a few games because you tense up when the action onscreen gets tight and try to move the joystick beyond its boundaries.  Do that a few times and the joysticks become a bit sloppy.  ROB was cool but I agree it was sort of a let down.  Nintendo should have done more with it.  I had all three consoles but I wouldn't have missed the NES for anything.  I wouldn't have missed any of them for anything.  Each one had something to give to the gaming community.  

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The only genuine complaints regarding the NES are the "Zero-Insertion-Force" loading mechanism, which wears out the contacts after many uses, the 10NES Chip, which becomes a huge headache now, and the fact that the connectors are impossible to access without literally taking the system apart.

Otherwise, the NES is one of the greatest consoles, of all time. Hands down.

"I'd buy that for a dollar!" -Smash T.V.

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