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  1. Managed to get one. My local Walmart had 7 in stock.


  2. Planning to get that new Game & Watch Super Mario Bros with my birthday money, but it looks like a repeat of the NES Classic from a couple years ago. Everyone is sold out. But, I will prevail. Just gotta wait till Walmart restocks...any day now.

    1. RickR


      Best of luck.  They look pretty neat.


    2. HDN


      I was afraid that might happen...

      Best of luck to you, Lee!

    3. Justin


      Don't order one from a skeevy Chinese scam site.

  3. Really, Atari is like a guy that went out and shot another, more famous person, then took his name and pretended to be the real deal, somehow fooling thousands of people in the process. I'd call Atari a shambling, walking dead version of itself, but it's not even that. It's actually a shambling, walking dead version of Infogrames, I believe.
  4. Happy Halloween to all!

  5. Same. I've said for a long time that I'm gonna get a Gamecube someday, but my Wii has perfect backwards compatibility with 'Cube games, so I've never actually needed one. If I ever get one, it'll mostly just be to say I have one. That said, that Game Boy Player is pretty darn cool, and I wouldn't mind being able to play GB, GBC, and GBA games on tv.
  6. Eeeh, I was off by 8. 133 games for INTV in total. 118 carts for the Master Component, 6 for the ECS, and 8 cassettes and 1 cart for the fabled and much delayed Keyboard Component, which is naturally ridiculously rare these days. At any rate, 118, thereabouts, is a pretty attainable goal, but some of those later games are pushing three digits.
  7. Whoa, wait, $86? Seriously? I knew it was a late release, but never realized it was that expensive. Then again, I've not yet got into 7800 collecting. Still on my list of long term plans, though, but yeesh. Ninja Golf will go a long time waiting. I know how you feel about about wanting the full collection, though. A couple years ago I made it my plan to get all 125 commercial releases for the Intellivision. That plan was set back quite badly with the fire, but that's a goal I still have. But yeah, some of those late INTV releases are likewise eye-wateringly expensive. It's always the late releases in a console's library that'll get you in the end.
  8. @HDN As an aside, have you played Ninja Golf yet? Forgive the question if you have and mentioned it in this thread already, I haven't checked all the posts. Such a weird game concept, though, not that that's a bad thing, mind. It's a shame we never got a proper Ninja Golf franchise.
  9. Man, things were so wild in the '70s that companies literally WERE advertising games everywhere. I'm not sure whose idea it was to advertise video games on album covers, but that's really quite an inspired idea for the 1970s. That said, not Chuck Norris Super-Kicks, surely they could have advertised ANYTHING else, lol.
  10. Seriously, even though Sega had to bow out of the hardware market (which still sucks sooo much), at least they went out on the highest note possible. PS2 may have won the numbers, but Dreamcast won our hearts.
  11. The 21st Anniversary, and NOBODY mentioned Phantasy Star Online. For shame. Phantasy Star is such an underrated series, one of my favorites, though. Phantasy Star 4 was the first JRPG I ever beat, on my PSP. Anywho. PSO is a radical departure from the first four games, but it's also pretty fun. Pour one out for probably never getting a regular Phantasy Star again, though.
  12. Coming back around to this post now after awhile, and now I do have a pretty valuable game, that was gifted to me by a good friend I know from theater. A game I'd been wanting to play for years, too, because it's one of the best games on the Gamecube, and for that reason, as well as being gifted from a good friend, there's no reason I'll part from it. Sentimental value trumps money any day.
  13. LeeJ07

    Favorite Zelda game?

    This is such a loaded question. So many of those games are legit masterpieces. I could never give just one favorite, but a list should suffice. 1. Windwaker definitely, even if I HAVE had to start that darn game three times. Someday, I will beat it. SOMEDAY. 2. Ocarina of Time, even if I did get stuck in the darn Forest Temple. Again, someday, man... SOMEDAY. 3. A Link to the Past, because OMG it's just about perfect. 4. Majora's Mask, the weirdest one of all, And 5. Link's Awakening. It's a beautiful dream. Did I forget to mention Breath of the Wild? Dude, that game is gorgeous.
  14. I seriously gotta pick up a 7800 someday. Absolute pinnacle of what Atari could do, a shame it came out so late that the NES completely steamrolled it. Didn't know a version of Robotron came out on it, though. Pretty ambitious, considering the dual-joystick setup that game requires. (Didn't know there was a N64 port of Robotron, either. I'll have to look that up.)
  15. Well, um, yeah... Paypal denied my claim, without ever even bothering to ask me for extra evidence.

    They never gave me any way to respond to them. 

    So I'm probably going to disassociate myself from Paypal going forward, if they're just going to unilaterally deny a fraud claim without letting me protest the outcome. Got some choice words about them, but they aren't PG-rated.

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    2. HDN


      I feel bad for the guy to be completely honest. $180 is $180. I'm not entirely sure what happened here before my arrival between the two of you, but I know it must be something for there to be a "strike one" in the first place. I'm not taking into consideration what happened before I joined the site on August 13th of this year.

      Since my arrival, I have noticed that LeeJ07 has been making somewhat negative posts. I feel I'm not in a position to complain about this negativity as I have also had my negative moments on the site. For the past month and a half or so, I have done my fair share of complaining about my video games that I had been grounded from as well as some family issues that we are currently having. I'm deeply sorry if that has put any of you in a bad mood. I'll try to stay more positive in the future.

      From my time here, I hadn't experienced anything bad about Lee until today when he started going off on everyone for convincing him to file a complaint with PayPal. That wasn't cool. People were only trying to help you.

      As for the scam site, I feel we should let him be. It was his mistake and his loss, and it's also not cool to rub it in his face. I mean, sure, it's not the smartest thing to do, but it was his money he wasted.

    3. LeeJ07


      @HDN Granted my original one still works, for now. It's almost half a decade old, though.

      But the reason I was buying a new one was the decorative design on the front has been bubbling, peeling, and now flaking off, and there's no way to stop the deterioration. So granted, yeah, I'm replacing it for a mostly purely cosmetic issue. But it's a cosmetic issue that can't be fixed and keeps getting progressively worse.

      Also, yeah, should've been more careful. I'd just been conditioned in the past to trust Google ads, because I've bought stuff off them many times before, and they were always legit. I actually thought they were curated by Google to weed out obvious scams, but now I know that's very much not the case.

    4. Justin


      Every post you make Lee you have your toe right on the line of inferring that: 1.) You have a problem that 2.) is no fault of your own of course, and 3.) you make sympathy posts inferring that you want / need our Members to fix your problems for you by sending you game systems, contributing to your collection, sending money etc. THAT IS DONE. 

  16. Well, that Scam "3DS" I ordered finally arrived in the mail.

    Inside the tiny, TINY envelope from China was a flimsy clear i-Phone case that I'd wager isn't worth even 10 cents.

    Yeah, I paid $108 dollars for that.

    Still haven't heard back from Paypal, though, but there is still an open dispute on the transaction.

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    2. MaximumRD


      Lee, you really need to start being more wary of the things you spend money on. Unless from a reputable dealer with lots of good feedback look elsewhere. Now, don't get me wrong, I have ordered many things in past from Aliexpress and similar sites but I know first it will take forever to arrive, I accept that but as for the item I read  every detail clearly and make sure the specific seller has a lot of good feedback and ratings before even considering placing the order. I hope everything gets resolved but please just remember the old advice BUYER BEWARE, I hate saying this but it has served me well, these days just assume everything is geared toward taking your money if you are not careful. Now, you have protection ordering from sites like Ebay or Amazon (though still only buy from well rated sellers with good feedback on there) but otherwise it's literally a jungle and we are the prey. 

    3. Justin


      Why are you ordering Nintendo DS systems off a Chinese scam site?

    4. LeeJ07


      Didn't look like a scam site. There was nothing that openly screamed "this is fake." It came from a Google ad, too, which I used to think were pretty well curated. I've bought lots of things from Google ads, they've always been legit in the past. There is a first time for everything, though.

      Anyway, I checked multiple pages of the site, looked at the prices, which were all right around proper retail prices for refurbished systems, checked their "About Us" page, and nothing raised a red flag.

  17. I do not have one, always wanted one. But they're pretty expensive on line.
  18. Well, the latest in the string of bad luck with video games I've been having lately has struck again.

    It would seem the laser inside my PS3 is starting to fail, as it now completely fails to read any dual-layer discs. I discovered the problem with a copy of Final Fantasy 13 I bought off eBay which was tested and working, but won't load on my console.

    I checked the rest of my games, and sure enough, two more games I already own also won't load. 

    It appears this is a common problem, and the only solution is to replace the entire Blu Ray disc reader. 

    Have I mentioned before how much I hate opening consoles?

  19. Thinking I might have got scammed out of over $100 dollars with that replacement 3DS I ordered two weeks ago.

    Started getting concerned because it hasn't arrived in the mail, so I checked the store and it doesn't exist anymore, which is the biggest red flag.

    It looked completely legit, and the prices weren't ridiculously cheap, so it didn't raise any alarms to me, but it looks like it may have a very well-crafted scam site. I'll give it another week just to be sure, but then I'll contact Paypal for a refund.

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    2. LeeJ07


      The only reason I was in the market for a new 3DS was because the painted decoration on the front of my original model was bubbling up and flaking off.

      But, my 3DS is a limited edition, and identical replacements could go for up to $400 bucks on eBay. That's why I originally decided to get a different model that was cheaper.

      Got lucky and found a working version of the same limited edition as mine from Canada for the equivalent if $195 USD, though, and I consider that reasonable enough that I bought it.

    3. LeeJ07


      When I transfer my data over, it'll be like I'm still using the exact same 3DS, which means a lot to me.

    4. HDN


      I felt the same way. I transferred my data from my old, broken 3DS XL to my, at the time, shiny New 3DS XL.

  20. Eh, that's all entirely too technical for me, so if it ever gets repaired I'll hire a professional to do it. But as there is no professional in my area that'll be a long time coming. In the meantime I'm planning to just buy another, but this time I think I'll get an INTV 2 (even though I much prefer the original model) because shipping for the redesigned version is considerably less insane than for the monster-sized original.
  21. I'm wondering if there's loose wires inside, or maybe the entire cartridge slot needs to be replaced. But that'll involve soldering, so that's a no-go. I accidentally messed up a 2600 years ago with bad soldering.
  22. Are there any known common faults with the pins I should look for? I know the power is working, the on/off switch is working, and the RF out is working, too. So the problem has to be the cartridge slot, but all I can find online is dirty pins, and I doubt very seriously it's just dirty pins.
  23. Well, now I feel stupid. It IS a lemon, and apparently I knowingly bought it as such. I don't remember doing that, but anyway. I just checked the old listing from almost a year ago, and plain as day in the description, the seller says they couldn't get it to work, either. I have NO IDEA why I'd knowingly purchase a faulty Intellivision. Maybe I just saw the original box and glossed right over the description, I don't know, but I'm definitely stuck with a glorified Mattel-branded paperweight.
  24. It's definitely sending a signal to the TV. When I press the reset button it goes different colors, similar to when I press reset on the 2600. I can see one, two, or even half the carts just being too dirty to work, but every single one of 23 just seems *incredibly* unlikely. But yeah, I've tried inserting carts at slight angles. Not fully inserted. Wiggled around while the console is on *and* off, and just nothing. The cart slot has to be broken somehow. I'm pretty annoyed because my old INTV just *worked*. At all times. I popped a game in, and it worked, immediately. But that INTV was destroyed in the fire last year and I seem to have replaced it with a very nice-looking, complete-in-box paperweight that cost me over $40.
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