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Atari's Centipede & Missile Command Headed For Big Screen


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EXCLUSIVE: Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films has closed a deal to partner with Atari to produce and finance two feature films based on Centipede and Missile Command, the classic arcade game properties. Randall Emmett and George Furla will produce, and Atari, Stephen Belafonte, Wayne Marc Godfrey and Robert Jones will be executive producers on the film projects.



Centipede, first thoughts:

- It couldn't be worse than the last few movies about centipedes.  Could it?

- It would be amazing if they can cast Flea for a role in the film.

- They've set themselves up for the Millipede sequel before they've even begun -- pretty clever.


Missile Command, first thoughts:

- If it features the six cities initially supposed to be represented in the game, which gets destroyed first?  Eureka?  San Luis Obispo?  Gotta give the blockbuster cities more screen time...

- They'd better have at least one guy with a helmet just like the one featured in the game artwork.  Really, it'd be best if every single character wore one.

- If the movie's final shot isn't the words THE END being blown up by explosions, then... why make the movie at all?

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I'm still ready to watch Black Ice/White Noise hit the big screen! =D


Missile Command has the potential to be really eerie and could potentially be awesome if done well. I fell like a Centipede should end up in the hands of Pixar/Disney. 

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As long as they don't use any footage from human centipede, I might see it. If they follow the artwork from the game cabinet, I imagine a wizard type movie, similar to the second Harry Potter movie. As far as missile command, maybe use the Independence Day approach, where NORAD takes on the invading forces. They should bring in Henry Thomas to be in the movie for good measure

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