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Pitfall! International Edition


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Don't you just love it when you buy a game and find out later it won't play on your system?  Well, I picked up Pitfall! International Edition today wondering if it was from Europe, and sure enough, it was.  The game will only run on a PAL Atari, which I'm sure most people here in North America don't have.  It makes me wonder why this game was here considering Pitfall came out in the US and Canada in NTSC format.


So remember, Pitfall! International Edition is PAL.  How to spot this version is simple.  On the front of the label under "Pitfall!", instead of saying "Pitfall Harry's Jungle Adventure", it'll say "International Edition".

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On the flip side, a number of modern non-CRT TVs are able to handle a PAL signal well enough to play a game, too.  For example mine usually displays either a light flicker or a rolling line, but the entire picture doesn't roll like it normally would with older televisions.


That said, if you're looking for a copy you can play, I'd be willing to trade you an NTSC copy for your PAL copy.


Alternatively: welcome to the wonderful world of Atari label variant collecting!  :D

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