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Japanese Guitar God Passes

Atari 5200 Guy

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For the short time I've discovered the heavy metal/jpop band Babymetal I have been enjoying the music.  The three girls really put on a great show!  But the band backing the three females has been pulling off sounds that are nothing short of outstanding in my opinion.  I was shocked to hear the news that one of their guitarists has left this world...and all too soon.  The band, as a whole, has quickly gained my respect as a heavy metal band.  It is with heartfelt sympathy that I wish Mikio Fujioka a very peaceful rest.  




If you have never heard this band then I recommend visiting the YouTube videos I shared in the YouTube thread on this site a listen.  "Death", "Road of Resistance", "The One", and others will remain a tribute to Mikio and will hopefully live on for others to discover this talented artist that left way too soon.  \m/

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I finally learned how he died. He was stargazing and fell off a platform. He left behind his wife and two daughters. It is said that he talked about his family a lot and stargazing was his favorite hobby next to playing guitar. I have heard some of his other works outside of Baby metal (pronounced more like beaby as in heavy) and the guy was a guitar god. Some of the things he was doing sounds amazing. Sad tragedy.

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