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Any Forza Racers?

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Just picked up Forza Motorsport 4 the other day and I have already leveled up to 18, own about 20 cars and one truck, and more. This is one racing series I prefer over Gran Turismo. My best car in the game so far?




It's my Dodge Stealth that is currently maxed to S1 limits.


If any one else here plays I would like to hear about it and see you rides.

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I took to racing games seriously when Gran Turismo came out on PlayStation.  Since then I've been hooked.  My favorite racing games are Tokyo Xtreme Racer 1 & 2 on Dreamcast (PS2 port of Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 known as Zero was not bad either), GT 1 & 2 on PS.  Once Forza came out on the original XBOX I became a loyal fan.  I have completed GT 1 and 2 (due to bug in game GT 2 can only reach 99.9% complete), beat TXR on Dreamcast multiple times (favorite car is the red Nissan Skyline earned from beating a boss).  I have yet to complete any Forza titles and I have the original, 2, 4 and Horizon.  I've been working on Forza since 2011.


I have had GT 3 and still have 4 but felt that 3 was just missing more content and 4 has too much going against the gamer.  I also got tired of the License Tests that Gran Turismo puts front and center.  You end up with cars you can't use in races until tests are passed.  Forza doesn't have that.  Instead races later on start require specific makes, models, and class of cars.  Horizon will tell you if a car is too good or not good enough for a race and give you the option to pick another car out of your garage or upgrade/downgrade the car you are currently in.  


I love cars as much as I love video games.  And for me this is about as close I will get to cars I know I will never own.  One of my favorite cars is the Lamborghini Countach...and I have that car in Horizon.  Pretty cool beast of a car.


Want a racing tip, Stormsurge?  Treat the cars and tracks like the real thing.  Each car is different and will perform differently on the track.  If you have a hard time using a standard controller you might try finding a steering wheel controller.  Those really make a difference.  I don't have one but have tried one for the 360 and was blown away.

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