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Electronic Gaming early 80's Magazine archive.


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Read a LOT  of this magazine in the early 80's. Enjoy or download a nice archive of them over on Digital Press.  





Sample cover : 



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Thanks to RickR I have been using for my video research. I just I knew howI missed those back then? I had a 5200 since Christmas of 1982. It was my first console, and it wasn't like Mom and I didn't go shopping. Every time we went to a store with electronics we would look for new games. It was the only way we knew when new games came out.

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I had a subscription for most of the run.  I found the first issue at K-Mart while looking at Atari VCS games and was immediately hooked. 


I sold my complete set of Electronic Games a few years ago.  Issue #1 alone brought in close to $100.  A lot of people ask me how I could sell something like that?  Well, they took up a lot of room.  And I didn't have the means to store them properly for long-term preservation.  They were just sitting in a crate in my garage.  I felt like every time I pulled out out to read, I was diminishing the value.  When you get that fear of even touching your stuff -- when you are no longer really enjoying it -- I find for me personally -- that's the time to sell it.  I don't ever want to have stuff I fear to touch and can't use. 


Furthermore, my set was very well used.  I read them cover to cover multiple times.  For the money I got, given the condition, I felt like the value would never be higher. 


I did keep a book called "Confessions of the Game Doctor" by Bill Kunkel, one of the founders of the magazine.  It's a fascinating read and has a ton of stories specific to that era of videogaming.  If you ever find a copy of that book, I highly recommend it. 

I'm asking myself right now -- any regrets for selling?  My brain says "Nope".  So there you go.  Having the PDF versions is good enough for me. 

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