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Cleaning Yellow SNES Systems


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So a friend of mine calls me yesterday and says in the process of moving he found all his old games. He had 3 snes, 1 NES, 1 Sega Genesis, and 1 PS1 and games for all systems. He asked if i was interested i said yes. We settled on a price and here i am. 3 very yellow snes systems.


I found a few videos on this cream that seems to work very well and i think im gonna go hunt it down and give it a try. Before i do this does anyome have a better method of cleaning yellow systems?


Heres the vid



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I've seen videos that use the "Retrobrite" method, a mixture of peroxide and oxy clean, and just peroxide. I've thought about doing the mixture peroxide-oxy clean if I ever needed to but no info given on how much oxy clean is used.

Yea i would be careful ive read that if you dont get the mixture right it could mess up the plastic of the snes

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