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Vintage video games based on classic TV shows


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OK.  Cool to see but I have an issue with one of these.  I absolutely enjoyed Fester's Quest.  I spent weeks trying to figure it out and eventually beat it.  One of Sunsoft's toughest games.  If you got hit your weapon lost power which you had to struggle to build back up.  If you could keep it up you were practically invincible. 

Mash was not too bad but not the worst.  Platoon on the NES I thought was a bit worse.  Because of the replay value with games based on movies I tend to steer clear of them.  TV shows, too.  Knight Rider I loved, the game not so much and Airwolf made no sense.  I do believe Capcom got it somewhat right with Chip n Dale but it could have been better.  Ducktales was considerably better.  I don't know why but games based on TV/Movies don't seem to make good games.  Games based of TV game shows don't seem to suffer such a fate.  But how many Wheel of Fortunes do we need on a single system?  Don't even get me started on Total Recall.  Those that say ET is bad haven't played the NES port of Total Recall.

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