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Unreleased Atari Super XE Game System


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On 1/31/2022 at 8:30 PM, Scott Stilphen said:

Speaking of the video from the original post, that's from Kieren Hawken, who's rather infamous for peddling misinformation.  The Atari Mirai prototype shell that was found back in 1996 is still a complete mystery as to what it was intended to be, and Hawken's video adds nothing to suggest it might have been for the Super XE.


@Scott Stilphen is correct on this and it should be noted that Kieren Hawken ("The Laird") was the first and one of the only people we have ever had to ban from our community. He is renown for this behavior. If there is a better video on this topic please post it.

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Well, we may never know what the Mirai could have been. It could have been the Super XE Atari was thinking about marketing, but we don't know. There are theories abounding about a possible joint venture between Atari and Neo•Geo creator SNK, but no one knows at this time. We may never know. I was watching a video on YouTube about the Mirai. It's interesting. Thanks.


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