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Pinball Hall of Fame - Las Vegas


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An old friend flew out to visit in CA for a week.  We've known each other since we were 14 and I always see him when I go home to Ohio. We decided to drive out to Vegas for a few days where we went to the Neon Museum and the Pinball Hall of Fame. We also saw "Zombie Cabaret" but - sorry - no pics. 😂

I thought that I'd share some photos of the Pinball Hall here. They had some really great tables and some classic arcade games too.  If you're ever in Vegas, make sure you check it out. 











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Also, one casino had a 4-player competition Pac-Man setup for gambling.  I wish I had a pic of us playing that. I'm not really a gambler but that was FUN. 

Here is a photo of me playing "the World's Largest Pac-Man." I think it was at LINQ.  It was a fun novelty but it played more like Ms. Pac-Man.  Also, I think that I could go a lot bigger with my 7800 and a projector! 


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