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Favorite Pinball Games


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While I have an appreciation for all things Atari, I also love to sit back and play some pinball from time to time. In late 92 early 93, I was stationed in Witchita Falls for my AF Tech Training as a jet mechanic. Well at first, we were restricted to the dorms but they had a small arcade. This was when Mortal Combat was huge so everyone crowded around that machine. In the corner I found two pinball machines and became obsessed with them. They are still my favorite tables to this day!



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Well...I don't have any "real" pinball machines but I do own a few video games of pinball tables.  I have Pinball Hall of Fame for original XBOX and PS2 and Pinball Hall of Fame William's Collection for the original XBOX.  Somewhere on my tablet is the same thing by the same creators where you can purchase tables at a time or in packages.  

On the tablet I have Pin*Bot and Bride of Pin*Bot plus a few more, Pin*Bot on the NES, a few more on the tablet I can't remember the name of, and all those on the consoles.  Which one is my favorite?  Bride of Pin*Bot mostly because of the voiced reactions Pin*Bot makes when you advance the table.  

"I can speak!"

"Oh no."

That never gets old.  

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Oh, I love some video pinball. I am fortunate that we have a place in Fargo where they have a pinball collection to play, so I always stop by and play some games when I can. I haven't jumped into owning a pinball machine yet. I don't really have the room and I am kinda intimidated with the upkeep of an older machine.

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1 hour ago, RickR said:

There is a really good pinball sim on Steam (for PC) called "Pinball Arcade" that does a really good job of recreating real tables.  They have a "free" table to try every month, and it's fun to try each one.  Highly recommended.



That's it!  That's what I have on my tablet.  It's made by the same people that made the Pinball Hall of Fame titles.

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