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December 13 Amazon Prime will stream the season 4 of one of my favorite shows "The Expanse". I watched the first season on Blu Ray, but watched season 2 and 3 as they came out on SyFy (who unceremoniously canceled the show). I thought I set up a discussion on the show and I may put some comments as I watch the new episodes. Oh, and there will be spoilers. I would recommend watching the show and I think it will become a sci fi classic in future years. The first season gets going quickly, but also builds a great background of about 200 years in the future. Season 2 kinda drags in the beginning but picks up in the end,  and the third season is nearly perfect for every Sci Fi fan whether you are a Trekie or a Star Wars fan.

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10 hours ago, RickR said:

I love the show, but don't have Amazon prime. 

They usually put them out on Blu Ray, but I am not sure when Amazon will produce the Blu Ray. I was really interested in Doom Patrol, but didn't want to pay for a streaming service just for one show. I ended up buying the Blu Ray and am really happy with that!

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11 hours ago, TrekMD said:

This is an awesome sci fi show.  I'm glad Amazon picked it up and has continued it. 

The only apprehension I have of the trailer is that they aren't gonna do the spaceship battles like in the first three season. Looks like this is gonna be more planetary base. The special effects look amazing though!

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