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Hot Wheels ID Cars

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What Are Hot Wheels ID Cars?

Hot Wheels ID cars look like the standard Hot Wheels cars.  In reality these ID cars are unique.  Each car has a tag on the chassis that can be scanned in to a mobile device.  From there the car can be used in dedicated ID physical tracks and in the Hot Wheels ID racing app for Android and iOS devices.  The physical tracks use a Bluetooth connection to a mobile device while the app allows scanned cars to be used in racing games against AI and other racers.  Everything that car does stays with that car.  All ID cars can be upgraded in the app for better performance. 

Hot Wheels ID Overview

Where Can I Find Them?

Hot Wheels ID cars have been located in Target stores.  These are usually in a small white and orange box costing between $6 and $8 per car.  I'm unsure if they are found any where else physically.  These can also be found on Amazon and Ebay...if you want to pay premium prices for them.

So What's The Big Deal?

Most recently Mattel decided to include ID cars in the standard blister packs although sporting a similar white and orange theme over the standard blue theme.  These are now being called "Chase Cars" and for a good reason.  Any Hot Wheels collector may know about the rare Treasure Hunt and Super Treasure Hunt cars that are randomly packed in with standard cars.  These are highly sought after by collectors and are often worth more than any single basic car.

Now imagine something being more rare than either a TH or STH Hot Wheels car.  Go on...keep imagining.  That's where these ID Chase Cars fall.  It's said that these are more rare than the Treasure Hunt and Super Treasure Hunt cars.  It's been reported that one store opened up four cases and never seen a single Chase Car although they found two Treasure Hunt cars in those cases.  But the nice thing is that if you do find one the price is the same as a basic Hot Wheels car.  So if the store you are visiting sells Hot Wheels for a dollar and you find a Hot Wheels ID car in a blister pack it will be a dollar also. 

So the next time you go Hot Wheels hunting keep an eye out for any Hot Wheels ID cars.  These are very collectible already with some selling for upwards of $80 on Ebay.  Of course the whole idea is not to make a quick buck but it doesn't hurt to find 'em and hang on to them or even use them (you can scan them without opening them) but I suggest not opening them. 

Hot Wheels ID Chase Car on EBAY

Also...the reason why I posted this under collectibles is because the Chase Cars are becoming collectible in a short amount of time and if others here hunt for Hot Wheels cars I thought they would like to know about them.

Enjoy your Hot Wheels … and Atari, too! 

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6 hours ago, RickR said:

So basically they are sold at Target in specific racks for $6 or so?  I can't see I've seen any, but I usually stick to the $1 racks.  

Keep an eye out on those $1 racks.  I mentioned in the post how Hot Wheels was randomly putting ID cars in blisters and packing them with basic cars.  But they are very random and rare.  If you see them hanging or piled up in a bin with a bunch of common cars I would dig them out.  I found another one last night.  It was the only one in the bin.  It was only $.94, too.  So keep an eye out for them.  The ID cars in blister packs, being called "Chase Cars" by collectors, are becoming valuable practically overnight.  They are not going in every case either.  You'd really stand a better chance of finding a Treasure Hunt than a ID in a blister but they are there.  Just keep an eye open for them.

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