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2-Player Battle - Food Fight (Atari 7800) - Justin vs. Atari Creep


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WINNER: Justin
Food Fight
Atari 7800
March 30, 2020

ROUND 1: @Justin
ROUND 2: @Atari Creep
ROUND 3: @Justin


Atari Creep and I played Food Fight on the 7800 over the weekend. We completed the first two rounds, and then Atari Creep went live on his Instagram to finish the 3rd round. My recollection is his best score for the 3rd round beat me by a few thousand points. He wasn't able to save the stream though so we didn't have the record of the final round that we thought we would. Chris insists he didn't top my score and that I won the 3rd round so I'll take the Win only begrudgingly. We're gonna go for a rematch again pretty soon.

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Fight! Fight! Fight!!  😄 

Food Fight should be seen as a 7800 exclusive.  I don't think it was on any other game console and it is a blast to play.  I looks good with the vibrant colors and sounds really good considering it is only using TIA for the sounds.  Imagine if that much work and effort in the sound and music department went into TIA on the 2600 games.  Nice 2-player battle, Justin and Creeper!  Sounds like you guys had fun even if you have a technical issue.

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