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Trying to remember an old game


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This topic came up during our Wed night chat.  I thought it would make a good post. 

Have you ever had a hard time remembering and finding a video game from your youth?

Here's my story.  Back during the video game crash, I remember purchasing a game cart in the Kay-Bee clearance bin for the Atari 800XL.  I remember playing the game a little bit and absolutely hating it.  One of the dumbest games I'd ever seen.  It was a game that had to do with marching bands.  And I don't remember what became of it.  It probably got tossed or sold at some point. 

Well, the 800XL got stored away in the late 80's.  It wasn't until I discovered emulation many years later that I got back into what was now "retro" gaming.  And I could search for and find all my old game ROMS on the internet.  All but that weird marching band game.  Searches turned up nothing.  Eventually, I started to question if I had imagined the whole thing.  Did it ever even exist?

But then...just this last week...I saw an ebay listing....and BOOM!  Do you see it?


Aha!  The problem was that I always searched for the word "marching", and the game didn't have that word in the title.  It's "Halftime Battlin' Bands"!  HOLY COW!  IT DID EXIST!

And looking up the gameplay on youtube also confirmed my initial assessment -- this game was TERRIBLE! 



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I used to think I was pretty familiar with the Atari 8-bit game catalog, and I don't remember anything about those cartridges from CBS. I guess maybe they're more edu-tainment so I probably shut them out of mind.

The only game I had trouble remembering was Astro Chase. I knew the box art but couldn't remember the name. Just like you, I ran into an ebay listing one day. I sometimes browse through ebay listings for A8 stuff just to see what's there, and I see games from time to time that I had completely forgotten. I think the last one I found was Silicon Warrior by Epyx. The box art really helps to jog the memory.

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Here's another Atari 8-bit game that is really good, yet I always have trouble remembering the name. 

It's a Pac-Man clone, except the screen is much larger, and the section of maze you are on is magnified.  The game has speech, and a cool rendition of "La Cucaracha". 

It took me some searching, but the name is.....Tumble Bugs



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