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Virtual Barn Find - Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 (Steam)

Atari 5200 Guy

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7 hours ago, Justin said:

Ford GT40. Except I don't see the door lines on the roof.

Yea.  Most of the cars found in the in-game junkyard barely have anything.  I've found one car with an almost complete motor but nothing but a barebone body.  No doors, no windows, no panels...which didn't matter anyway as I can't repair those any way yet.  

...and the finished product.


Man I'll be glad when I can remove rust off these car bodies and can paint them.  I'd like to see their real beauty.  But, Justin got it.  Ford GT40...pretty much the only Ford I really like.  I'm more of a Chevy fan but over the year the MOPAR stuff has grown on me.


That engine...they nailed the sound of it.

I'm torn.  I need the profits.  I didn't realize how much I gave for this car in the junkyard.  That first image I showed of this car was exactly as I found it and when I returned to my garage I noticed a huge chunk of my money missing.  I didn't even pay attention to the ticket showing what the car was when I bought it.  I'd like to keep it to repair it but I need the money.  I also do not know if/when another one will turn up in the junkyard.  There are still car models I have yet to see in the junkyard including RAM trucks.  I found three Porsches last night and bought one to fix up.  Cars in the junkyard are completely random with some becoming rare finds.  The GT40 being one of them.

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Nevermind.  I just found another one.


This one has a little more to it than the last one.  I'm keeping this one but I'm not doing anything to it until I can expand my garage and remove that rust!


There's more of an engine here, too, compared to the other one.  I spent less on this one, though, than the last one.


Building these cars is strangely relaxing and healing.  Tearing them up at the abandoned airport is a lot of fun once they are running again...except the Willie's Jeep...that thing is slow.  Oh...a bit on how the junkyard works...cars are random.  If you don't get 'em when you see 'em, then leave, you miss 'em.  There's no telling when you'll see them again.

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Here's the 3 ... no ... 4 Porsches I found in the junkyard. 3 of the are the Carrera GT, one I believe is a 911 Turbo.


The one on the left is the only one I've done anything to.  On that note...all I've done is replace the body parts...nothing else has been touched yet.  I'm simply too tired to try to finish it.  Darn energy level is kicking me again.  I'm going to try to work on all 3 tomorrow, keep one for myself, sell the rest.  These are apparently worth a lot of money.  Just with the new body parts and not running the one on the left is worth a little over $90,000.  

Here's the 911 Turbo.  Poor thing.  Kind of reminds me of Herbie in Goes Bananas when he was tossed overboard into the water. 


He needs eyeballs...hold on...


There...that's better.  Now we can see you.  Kinda cute actually.  I may keep this one as well.

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