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7800 Galaxian by PacManPlus over at AtariAge


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I hope you all are paying attention to Bob "PacManPlus" DeCrescenzo's latest effort of Galaxian on the 7800.  It's so flipping awesome, and he's made a dev version available for download to try.  

The link is below.  If you go, please give him a "like" or "thanks".  Those guys over at AtariAge are awesome and being able so see this excellent game come along deserves a lot of praise and respect.

Willie of ArcadeUSA has also done two videos on the game (check out his youtube thread here at Atari.io).  Check those out as well.


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42 minutes ago, TrekMD said:

Oh yes.  It's awesome!  I've been asking Bob to make a 7800 version of Phoenix also.  The only home port is the 2600 version, which is pretty good, but the 7800 can really get a more arcade-accurate version. 

I tried it out today and have been following Bob's progress for a few months now and it will be a must buy for me. Galaxian is a top 5 favorite arcade game for me and his port looks and plays spectacularly. I only played on my laptop which is not a great way to experience it. I may put it on my modded nes mini and try the demo there if I can get it working.

Also totally agree about Phoenix. I've been trumpeting a 7800 version for years and Pacmanplus would be the perfect programmer to tackle it. 

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