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  1. I tried it out today and have been following Bob's progress for a few months now and it will be a must buy for me. Galaxian is a top 5 favorite arcade game for me and his port looks and plays spectacularly. I only played on my laptop which is not a great way to experience it. I may put it on my modded nes mini and try the demo there if I can get it working. Also totally agree about Phoenix. I've been trumpeting a 7800 version for years and Pacmanplus would be the perfect programmer to tackle it.
  2. I was thinking of getting one this year but (1) no paddle controllers, you have to McGyver your own. (2) I'm getting a Collectorvision Phoenix which will also play 2600 games via SD card and in HDMI but with the rumored cart adapter it should have 100% compatibility with homebrews. I'll see how future iterations of ATgames turn out but I've never been enamored with this company or its products plus in Canada these things are $100 and that's at least twice as much as I'm willing to pay for one of these things. If I see one in a thrift store for ten bucks I'd pick one up but I'm not putting a lot of money into one of these things. These arcade units they're making are intriguing but I'm half expecting it to be an expensive piece of junk.
  3. Ah ok. Looking at the pic I wonder if that cap at C1 might be dead and if so that would cause these issues. I suppose if one had a similarly rated cap lying around a simple swap would be easy enough just for the heck of it. I don't really see any bad traces on the board, at least nothing that would prevent it from working. Probably simply a dead rom unfortunately. I've had very few dead carts in the 26 years I've been collecting but it does happen. I find it mostly with Activision carts. Just last year I lost a Keystone Kapers cart AND Riot chip at the same time when I turned on a 2600 I was working on that got zapped by static electricity. I heard a small pop. I've since bought an anti static wrist strap. Lesson learned
  4. Is that jumper wire factory or has that cart been modded?
  5. As for goals, I haven't really had any for a few years now. I'll be getting the Phoenix this year so I'm on a bit of a Colecovision run right now. I've been getting more into building and using older DOS based 386, 486, or Pentium 1 PC's. Currently waiting for an IDE to SD card adapter because I'm not having any luck with 30+ year old IDE drives working properly. Bad sectors seem to be multiplying Other than that it's probably homebrews, mostly for the Atari systems but I'd buy them for any system I own if they're good games and if they're arcade ports, especially ones never released or woefully underrepresented on classic consoles then I'm definitely on board. And probably a few PS4 games. There's a new Star Wars and I believe Crash Racing coming out this year so I'll be getting those and a few others. Can't seem to find Atari Classics Flashback 3 for the PS4 in physical copy here in Canada which is weird. No one has any of the 3 volumes actually. Also may spend some money building up my Steam and GOG library. Some great stuff there. Love those big sales they have
  6. Willie you gotta stay. You're loved and appreciated by the community. Don't let the trolls win
  7. Argh I sold my copy a few months ago. Maybe I can pick up a cheap copy this weekend. If not I'll play it on my NES Classic. Stay tuned for another Atarileaf bad score! 😄
  8. Yes to homebrews, as long as they are ones with roms available to download since it's going to be hard to find a large group of participants who may have a particular title in their library. Having said that, Draconian please :D I think I can do Lynx on the NES Classic via retroarch so that should be doable for me. Mame, same thing I can do that on the NES Classic and I have a bunch of roms ready to go to take advantage of it As for gameboy games, I'm gonna suggest Mr. Do, it's a rarer title but excellent. Burgertime on the GB is awesome too. I personally don't have many but again emulation is doable.
  9. I'll be down for pretty much anything. If I don't own it I'll try to emulate it. Never tried lynx or jag emulation . How hard is it?
  10. LOL poor Riker, Picard always seemed to want to kill him.
  11. Lol I don't have this one either and to be honest have no idea how to play it. I'll have to look into it. If it's a paddle game maybe I'll try it on the Wii homebrew channel. A Wiimote can be tilted back and forth and works pretty well with circus Atari and breakout
  12. I didn't see a thread for the Phoenix so I hope it's ok I start one here. As many of you may know the Phoenix failed to reach its kickstarter goal but it still did well and received a lot of backers. In spite of the kickstarter failure the Phoenix will rise from the ashes (bad pun intended) and direct pre-orders are available. I'll be ordering one, this system seems fantastic and more cores can be added down the road. Having 2600 compatibility out of the box put me from undecided to definite. Here's the preorder link: https://collectorvision.com/shop/colecovision/collectorvision-phoenix/
  13. Me too I love seeing all these channels show up in my feed
  14. Ok first try. I don't know if this a good score but I almost never play this game. 3529
  15. I only have 5 myself - Mr do - arkanoid doh it again - tetris attack - ms Pac man- classic kong
  16. Please be Mr. Do. Please be Mr. Do. Please be Mr. Do.
  17. I'll give it a shot, but I suck at tetris. I'll have to download this one as I don't own the cart.
  18. Sorry Rob I had no idea you were close to Bill and again I want to reiterate I'm not going after him as a person, I'm going after him as a representative of the company he works for. For better or worse he's the face of the company and his words are their words and assuming that's true, I have a big problem with those words. Having said all of this I have not ruled out getting a Flashback 9. As a fellow Canuck you know these are a hundred canuck bucks and at that price point I expect a certain quality from my purchase. As i mentioned over at AA, if the NES Classic is $80, has a superb quality and can be hacked to the teeth (my entire collection is on it now, plus some Mame games) then I would think a product that wants $20 more from me had better be at least close in quality. I asked Bill for a ballpark on the availability and price of the paddles for the flashback 9 and was told when he knows we'll know. How do they not know when the flashback 9's are in store and available (on walmart.ca anyway I haven't gone in the stores). This is especially important because by design it seems the flashback 9's will ONLY work with their paddles FOR THIS YEAR. Previous flashback paddles apparently won't work, neither do original paddles. If they are in short supply that makes portions of the games unplayable with no other options available.
  19. I don't know if he frequents here but I've been getting into it with Bill Loguidice a bit on Atariage. It's nothing personal and I get that he seems to be the PR guy for ATgames (and the one I suspect is behind the twitter comments for Atgames, same type of verbiage) but I find some of his comments defending them disingenuous. I can't put my finger on it but some of his comments don't sit with me as being entirely truthful Frankly I never bought the "casual audience" argument. A company that doesn't care about the atari collector and hardcore enthusiast seems to spend a lot of time having their PR guy post on an Atari fan website and sends review copies to one of the biggest retro collectors out there - John Hancock. Am I wong?
  20. I remember playing the heck out of the Armored Core demo from one of those Playstation magazines when it came out. Fun game I should revisit it.
  21. Intelligent cube is a nice inclusion. Personally I would like to see a couple of the road rash games and colony wars. It's going to be $130 Cdn so I won't be buying this anytime soon anyway
  22. A little better but still far from the top. This was real hardware using a wico joystick. 6850
  23. I played it a couple times last weekend on my NES classic and I sucked. Not even worth posting the score. I'll try again on real hardware with the proper joystick and I hope I can bump it up a bit. Not going to come close to the big wigs in this thread though
  24. I may get the paddle one since there are not many modern alternatives to play those games with a proper paddle controller. The rest I can leave. I use my NES Classic for everything else that requires HDMI. I am curious about the 1UP style full size arcade cab with 400 games. The optimist in me sees great possibilities but realistically it'll probably be a train wreck.
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