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  1. One of my "Holy Grails" that I most likely will never obtain The Entex AdventureVision from 1982!
  2. Lets check out Nibbler! on this episode of AppleCade!
  3. Another fun game for the Super Cassette Vision by Epoch! Astro Wars II Battle in Galaxy!
  4. Hittin' that Nitrous button in Taito's Top Speed!
  5. Checking out a pack of Classic Toys Trading Cards donated to the show by Ogo Toys!
  6. Giving Taito's Electric YoYou a go
  7. Lets take a look at Super Pac Man from Team Pixleboy for the ColecoVision!
  8. Another one of my cherished electronic games from my youth!
  9. The new Super Lounge Arcade Podcast with Jimbo and Willie! is live
  10. A quick overview of Collectorvision Games Phoenix Console! I am loving this thing!
  11. Checking out the sequel to Konami's Time Pilot! its Time Pilot '84!
  12. FL Pachinko VFD game! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpPm7ljp-0A&feature=youtu.be
  13. Mrs. Arcade USA and Willie! give Champ Games Galagon Demo V2 Co-Op mode a try Its awesome!
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