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  1. Part 2 for the Toyshock International LTD 3/4 scale Haunted House Pinball Machine
  2. (Willie!) Giving the Blaze 12 in 1 mini Pong a try
  3. (Willie!) Thanks to my Co-Host Matt for bringing this to our attention I am loving this game!
  4. Playin' some spooky video pinball on Toyshock International LTD 12 in 1 3/4 scale mini pinball machine! (I had this in my game cave for a whole 30 minutes, then it was confiscated by the wife for her room :P, although i did buy it for here so...)
  5. Another "charming" game on the Odyssey 2! Pachinko!
  6. Checking out the Arcade1UpOfficial Pac-Man PartyCade my wife got me
  7. Checking out the LGB 4049 Work Caboose
  8. Battlin' the evil Robotron's on the Atari Lynx!
  9. Back the Grid to build a poster out of the Tron Trading Cards from the early 80's!
  10. Penetrate Space City and crush it in Radio Shack's Space Crusher!
  11. Lets play Bandai's version of Space Invaders on the Supervision 8000! It's MissileVader!
  12. Going Mono on Mono against that alien scum with Bandai's Missile Invader! (Special thanks to Steve Benway to influencing my decision to buy one after seeing his video :P)
  13. You'll believe a Pixel can fly! Its another one of my favorite games on the 2600, Superman!
  14. Defending my precious bricks from those pesky Alien kleptomaniacs in Konami's/Stern's The END!
  15. Dragon's Fury Pinball! A favorite game of mine on the Sega Genesis!
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