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  1. A neat remake of Imagic's Demon Attack 😛 (its very slow and way to easy, so advantage Willie!)
  2. It will come down to pricing for most. I have a thing for Pong anyway, lots of great memories of the arcade game when it came out with my older brother getting me into the local bar on the campus 😛 plus working on them with my Dad at his friends arcade when I was first learning electronics (I started very very young :P). I plan on picking one up though. I know it will be the latest fodder for the younger tubers that were not even alive when Pong came out 🙂 so thought it would be nice to let people listen to a guy that was around and my thoughts on it 😛
  3. Interesting arcade game from the Late 70's by Nintendo. Not seen this one before but I kind of like it
  4. I have some stuff to put in 🙂
  5. A few more games played that were not part of the ColecoWeen livestream video 🙂
  6. Some Zaxxon Super Game from the recent live stream I did with Arkay 🙂
  7. My best from my live stream this evening 😛 Not a very good score but its all about the fun for me anyway 😛
  8. Trying some Demon Attack for the Atari.IO Squad Challenge!
  9. Had a few ask how to configure the Sega Prototype game Golden Axe'd. Here is a quick video showing how to use the setup screen for it.
  10. I love the Golden Axe series! Wish SEGA would have completed this awesome prototype!
  11. Those pesky pumpkin's are at it again! It's Pumpkin Master!
  12. The next livestream I plan on doing the TurboGrafx Mini!
  13. Time for some Racin' with Radio Shack's Turbo Raceway!
  14. A favorite MS-Dos pinball game from the 90's I still enjoy playing! Its Psycho Pinball!
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