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  1. where did you download it from? Just curious to see if I got the episodes linked correctly so podcatchers get them
  2. Battlin' the Alien Hordes (and capturing their pilots!) in this episode of Playing the MameCade! Its Solar Quest by Cinematronics!
  3. Time for a new Episode of Vectrex Radio! (its only been three years :P) This is the video version of the podcast. The audio version should appear on Itunes and other podcatchers soon.
  4. Time for another Ramblin's N Pickup's
  5. Checkin' out Basic Fun's StarG...er I mean Defender MinCade!
  6. Its time for the intergalactic battle! Heidi vs. Willie! in Cinematronics Space Wars!
  7. Water turns them on!", Ideal Toys Power Guzzlers!
  8. What an awesome Vectrex emulator! Learned about this over at Vectrex fans unite!
  9. (Willie!) Lets check out this cool homebrew Vec-Man! I really like this game!
  10. Run Silent, Run Deep and Man the Torpedos in Midway's Sea Wolf!
  11. Swingin' through the jungle to rescue my girl from the cannibal's in this episode of IntelliCade! Its Jungle Hunt!
  12. Blastin' Astral Space Rocks in this episode of AtariCade 7800! Its Asteroids!
  13. Goin' for that digital slam dunk with Mattel Electronics Basketball!
  14. Time for a new Willie!'s Ramblin's N Pickups!
  15. Blastin' those digital demons back into the void in this episode of AtariCade 5200! Its Tempest!
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