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  1. Bump'n and Jump'n in this episode of IntelliCade!
  2. @CrossBow It took me a couple of tries. I got lucky and my plastic tray was not warped. The only problem I had was keeping the single connector (not the Z one) from falling out due to my flubbely hands :P. Overall it took me about 30 minutes to do the whole mod. The latest one I just did with the Backlight my tray had a slight warp where I had to add extra spacers. It worked the first time I put it together 🙂 The pictorial guide online helped quite a bit.
  3. Installing a updated screen with Backlight on my ole MicroVision!
  4. Interesting Pac Man game on the old TRS80!
  5. Finishing off the series of Taco Bell Atari Arcade Promotional CD's with Lunar Lander!
  6. The MicroVision gets a brand new screen!
  7. Playing some Astro Pinball from the Vtech CreatiVision!
  8. Josh is back checking out Spelunker in this New Homebrew Highlights segment!
  9. Playin' the ole shell game with a Pac-Man Theme 🙂
  10. Checking out MyArcade's Retro Champ! Its not for everyone and I avoided getting one until I had several viewers request I do a video...ugh... well here it is and its only my opinion of it 😛
  11. Checking out the new Asteroids Replicade by New Wave Toys!!
  12. My thoughts and some additional perspective on this recent book by UKMike of RetroGamingRoundup - Smoke and Mirrors, The Rise and Fall of a Serial Antipreneur
  13. Doing some vintage arcade racin' with Laguna Racer!
  14. Checking out Champ Games demo of Gorf Arcade for the Atari 2600! Cant wait for this to come out!
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