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  1. Collect those Coconuts you simian fool!
  2. I love the Gameboy :), Happy 30th you cool little dohicky!
  3. Cool little handheld gaming device picked up at Neighbors 4 Neighbors Foundation, Inc.!
  4. Playin' some Super Space Invaders by Taito!
  5. A cool credit card sized Tetris Game from Super Impulse!
  6. Time for a new episode of AppleCade! its Zaxxon from Datasoft!
  7. Checking out the latest offering from Super Impulse! The Micro Arcade Pac-Man!
  8. Doing the initial test run on the Remco Mighty Casey Locomotive
  9. The love child of Galaga and Tempest in the episode of AtariCade 2600! Its Gyruss!
  10. Time for a new TandyCade! this time defending city's in Missile Attack!
  11. Tryin' to keep it between the posts! its Mattel Electronics Speed Freak!
  12. Havin' some fun with Tetris on the NES
  13. Cube hoppin' fun with Super Impulse's Q-Bert tiny arcade!
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