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  1. A really nice homebrew version of Ant Eater for the 2600! Its Aardvark!
  2. Thanks to all who attended the impromptu live stream of VectorBlade tonight!
  3. Stunt Nerfin'! with the Nerf Hot Shots Stunt Car Set! (this toy used in the video can be obtained from Extreme Toy Collectibles, I traded it in 😛 )
  4. putting some of those low profile microswitchs in a 7800 controller and a colecovision controller 😛
  5. A new favorite to play on the ole Vectrex! VectorBlade! Its VecTastic!!!
  6. Kickin' Chicks in EGGS!
  7. Jelly Monsters on the Vic-20 😛
  8. Diving for treasure on the ZX Spectrum in Glug Glug!
  9. A nice translation of another favorite arcade pinball machine I enjoy! 8 Ball Deluxe!
  10. An ole arcade favorite from the Mid 80's! Arkanoid!
  11. A cool Tomy Pocket game donated to the show by Retro Artifacts! Its Tomy's Destroyers!
  12. Clownin' around in Comic Circus on the Epoch Super CassetteVision!
  13. Another really cool homebrew from PacManPlus on the Atari 7800 called Meteor Shower!
  14. Big thanks to Diary of An Arcade Employee Podcast for introducing me to this really fun Cinematronics game! Cerebus!
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