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  1. I should have thought of this when I made my USB paddle controller take the stop out for the pot (its only used to mount the sensing disc on for the optical mouse circuit) and it becomes a spinner Now to build another one and add a second switch (for the super zapper) so I can play Tempest on my PC
  2. Reconnecting to an old IREM arcade game I loved back in the early 90's! Dragon Breed!
  3. John does some incredible things on the 2600!
  4. ArKay going over his cool Zaxxon Coleco Tabletop Arcade!
  5. Champ Games has made me one very happy Willie! by releasing a demo rom of Galaga for the Atari 2600! I cant wait for the physical release, its on my must buy list
  6. (Willie!) Giving Montezuma's Revenge a go on the ole Atari 5200 in preparation for recording a new episode of the Atari 5200 Super Community Show! (I think Matt will wipe the floor with us, I still cant play this game worth a darn :P)
  7. Checking out a Sears Telegames Video Arcade!
  8. ArKay talks about Sketchbooks and how they were used then and now!
  9. Dropping Tetronimo's with the Nuon!
  10. Tanks + Aliens = Loads of Fun in this episode of Willie!'s ABC's of Favorite Sega Dreamcast Games!
  11. Checking out a pack of Tron trading cards! Loved these back in the 80's!
  12. Checking out another port of Tetris in celebration of the 35th anniversary! This time its Edtris on the Atari 2600!
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