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On 4/18/2021 at 3:41 PM, - Ω - said:

Yesterday I decided to open up my PC to see if it needed cleaning, fortunately it didn't, but since it was already open, I decided to conduct a little experiment by removing 16 of the 32 gigs of RAM to see if there was any appreciable difference... I didn't notice any.  So I plugged the memory back in and went on my merry way, but this brings up a question to you guys who've upgraded your PC's...  Did you notice any difference when you doubled your memory?  If so, under what conditions?



On 4/18/2021 at 3:48 PM, RickR said:

Well, in my work, that move from 16 to 32 GB was hugely helpful.  But that included running a bunch of development environments (Eclipse, SQL Server, Microsoft .NET, etc). 

On my home PC, that 32 GB that I have serves no useful purpose.  I've noticed a speed jump on laptops when you go from 4 to 8 GB.  But I'm not sure if that's due to more memory or the fact that with two sticks, it runs in the "dual" 128 bit mode. 


I have noticed Windows 10 boots faster with more RAM if you can give it more.  My system boots pretty fast…usually in 10 seconds I’m at my desktop screen.  Believe it or not, when you have a 16 GB system and see how well a system with, say, only 4 GB installed, you will see the difference. Windows has always been a system hog so the more elbow room you have the better it is.

I have dabbled a lot on the server side of computing and, yes, the more system resources available the more powerful and efficient your server will run. I own an old 1U server that is maxed out. It runs Linux and a few other applications to make it work. It was used as backup during my last few years at college when the college servers were down. I used it as a way to hand in assignments.  I’d leave it up and running but the thing sounds like a jet plane is in the house.  Somewhere on it is a website I made that allows people to play NES games. It was a school assignment.


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I finally did the Win 11 upgrade on my garage computer, and it went super smoothly.  It takes about 30 seconds to boot now, with most of that time spent on the post screen.

My main computer is also Win 11 (clean install) and has two SSD's (no physical HDD).  It also takes about 30 seconds to boot with that same pause on the post screen. 

Microsoft has a new free tool available called "Microsoft PC Manager" that has a lot of nifty features, like cleaning up temp files, installing updates, and disabling startup programs.  It works well! https://pcmanager.microsoft.com/en-us



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