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3-D Printing

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I've been eyeballing 3D printers on and off for a while, but I have never quite bitten the bullet.  Now << This Prusa Model >> seems to have a good reputation, but the price is a little steep, but in the final analysis I prefer reliability and ease of use over a so-called "good deal", that usually turns out not to be.

Soooooo, can I get some input from you guys, like what model(s) you have or had, what was wrong with them, what broke down, limitations, etc.  Also, what do you like about them?



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I have a meticulous friend who prints things with very nice results, and he insists that the Ender 3 Pro is the best model to buy.  In fact, almost everyone I know who 3D prints settles on this same model. 


I'm sure the one you have linked above is even better, but I don't know anyone that has that model. 

The one I have is a Polaroid Playsmart:  https://www.polaroid3d.com/playsmart3dprinter/

It's very easy to use and produces good results.  The only downside is that it's small and has a small bed.  I like it because I can just put it back in the box and on a shelf when I'm not using it. 



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As far as what goes wrong, it's the same for every model you buy.  Nozzles get clogged and have to be changed.  Getting temperatures and settings just right takes time and experience.  Leveling the bed often is a must.  Prints take hours. 

What's fun:  I really enjoy doing the CAD work for stuff I want to make.  I haven't used CAD software since my first engineering job in 1990, but it came back very quickly. 

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3D printers are AMAZING if you are a "maker" but only valuable if you have a need or want to learn the hobby to create that need. Its a lot of tinkering and lots of heart breaks. That said, once you're up and running its always magical to watch something in existence. If you're a turn key and go kind of person, I say pass. 


I have the Creality Ender 3 Pro. I love it. Has the same rep as a Prusa and is only about $200 give or take. 


Best of luck. 

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