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Unsung Warriors: Prologue


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Release Date: 12/11/20

Retail: Free

Developer(s): Osarion & Mountaineer

Publisher: Osarion & Mountaineer

Official Site

Synopsis :

"Unsung Warriors is a 2D action-adventure game currently in development, that takes place in Iron-Age Europe among various Celtic tribes. It mixes fantasy elements with folk tales and mythology.

The game can be played solo or in couch co-op mode. Enjoy beautiful handcrafted levels. Fight against ferocious enemies and discover the many secrets of this ancient world."

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Unsung Warriors is a game currently under development from indie developers Osarion & Mountaineer.  Atari VCS owners get a free download of Unsung Warriors: Prologue; essentially a one-level demo of the game.  The demo plays well, looks excellent and is just a ton of fun.  Fortunately, the Kickstarter for the full game was successful and is planned for release in 2022! 

As for Prologue, its free!  Download it and try it out!


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The Closed Beta for Unsung Warriors released today to Kickstarter backers at Beta Tier or higher. You can see the full update here:


If folks are interested, I posted a video of the first 10 minutes in Creator Space.



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