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Hello from a french guy...


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Hello, I am Frédéric from France, and quite long time Atari fan.

It started with my first Atari 520STF in 1987 (or maybe when I chosed to born in 1972 instead of january 1973 :D), then a Falcon the week it was available. I sold the Falcon 10 years ago (and regret of course), but still have my good old STF (just replaced as day to day Atari by an STE, which is more convenient for extensions)

Now, I am mostly playing with C compilers and consoles, trying to do the best games I can on Atari Lynx since 2004, and prototyping some stuff on Atari Jaguar. and one day, I will probably have a look at the 7800. I also code on Game Boy & NES/

Since last year, I started to publish in physical my atari Lynx games, and now also games from others.

Here is a short list of games I made on Atari Lynx over time :

- Yastuna 2 - The Space Incident - 2008 - Public Domain - many editions from many people around the years
- Yastuna 1 - The Alchemy of Cubes - 2009 - Public Domain - many editions from many people around the years
- A Bug's Trip - 2019 - Songbird
- Asteroids Chasers - 2021 - Yastuna Games (+ GB version)
- Raid on Tricity Second Wave - 2021 - Yastuna Games

- Ynxa - 2021 - Yastuna Games - Atari Lynx homebrew of the year

amongst many other smaller games for fun, or during game jams

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