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HSW Working with Atari on Yars' Sequel


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From GamerBraves:

“I have signed a deal with Atari to do a Yar’s Revenge sequel”, Howard says. “There are other Yar’s Revenge products coming out from Atari, but I am actually going to design and oversee a development for an actual HSW Yar’s Revenge sequel. It’s a design I’ve had in my head for decades, I’ve thought of doing it , I’ve wanted to do it. I got to talking with Atari recently, it turns out it looks like we’re going to do that. So I just wanted to let you know that that’s coming”.


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More details in the full interview:

“It’ll be on a number of platforms, It’s not initally going to be a 2600 game but it’s going to be a game that could be developed on the 2600 because it was designed on the 2600.”, he explains. “It’s a gameplay I’ve had in my head for many years, all these decades, I’ve never seen this gameplay done anywhere else. I think it’s a really exciting- people think what makes Yar’s Revenge well it’s Yar, its the glittering Ion Zone, that’s what makes Yar’s Revenge”.


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