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Atari VCS For Sale In The UK?

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Hey, Welcome to the forums at I/O@Caleb Hick88 !

Unfortunately, there has been no official word on a U.K./European release. Your best bet is eBay or an import service. There have been some folks who have successfully used a buy and ship service and posted their experiences on YouTube, so that could be an option.

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hello Sabertooth,

thank you very much for your reply, that is really sad to hear that it's not for sale in the UK yet, but thank you so very much for your advice and information on where I could quite possibly be able to find an alternative way of getting a hold of one through other means, but would or do you know if they would be able to work on PAL TVs if they are from elsewhere in the world and would you also know of any youtubers and Ebay sellers to check out on this?

thank you again 

Caleb H.

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@Caleb Hick88 , check out Geek Battle Gamer. He's a U.K.-based YouTuber with VCS content. He may have some content and/or advice on this matter.


There is also a video on importing a VCS to Europe here:

In terms of compatibility with PAL, this is a modern HDMI console so there shouldn't be an issue on modern sets as HDMI is a global standard. You may need a power adapter though as the VCS would ship with a U.S. power supply/plug.

I couldn't recommend any sellers in particular.

I hope that helps!

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