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Pixel Ripped 1978 - Atari Goes Virtual


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ATARI, in collaboration with VR developer ARVORE, have partnered to publish the third installment in ARVORE's popular Pixel Ripped series:  Pixel Ripped 1978!  The game will be available on modern VR platforms like SteamVR, Meta Quest 2 and PSVR2 and comes out this summer.

From the website:

ARVORE has teamed-up with Atari to create an incomparably authentic retro experience using gaming's most innovative technology: a 3D exploration of the 2D genesis of the industry. An immersive, joyful frolic through the Golden Age of Video Games, Pixel Ripped 1978 places our heroine Dot in the heart of the blossoming industry.

Pixel Ripped 1978 is the third installment in the popular VR series from ARVORE. The studio has introduced new, innovative mechanics that will delight VR enthusiasts, and the series ‘game within a game’ formula reaches new heights.

The collaboration with Atari not only increased the authenticity of the nostalgic adventure, it allowed the design team to layer in countless easter eggs for fans of retro gaming and gaming history.

The Story

Dot must join forces with "Bug," the quirky visionary who developed the original Pixel Ripped series. Help Dot maneuver through multidimensional challenges to protect Bug's childhood memories from the evil Cyblin Lord,  a villain able to break through the screen and invade the real world. In the game.  The setting? The intense burst of creativity that vibrated through the San Jose suburbs in the late 70s and early 80s. Feel the mighty effects of how the Pixel Stone alters reality itself!

What do you all think of this announcement?  Any interest in exploring a virtual Sunnyvale office?


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5 hours ago, DegasElite said:

But, it doesn't look like Atari will make it for the VCS. If only they would invest in a VR helmet for the system, then Atari could release it on there, too.

While it would be great to see it on the VCS, I don't think the VCS user base is sufficient for that type of hardware investment. Additionally, it's likely not powerful enough to handle this game - which was designed for PS5 (PSVR2) and Quest2.

I do think they should consider a non-VR version for VCS, Switch and XBOX.

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