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Super Star Shooter 16


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Release Date: October 6, 2023

Retail: TBD

Developer: J.D. Video Game Productions

Publisher: J.D. Video Game Productions

Official Site

Battle your way through the audio-verse!

On-Rail Shooter

Super Star Shooter 16 takes its cues from early arcade and 3d games. This means that player follows along a fixed course and is responsible for dodging obstacles and eliminating enemy targets. This results in a much more accessible game.   

Retro Graphics 

Super Star Shooter 16 achieves a unique graphics style by combining an extremely limited color palette with Unity's powerful 3d graphics engine. This game was inspired by MS-DOS gaming as well as the the 16 and 32-bit console eras.   

Psychedelic Audio-Visualization 

Super Star Shooter 16 synchronizes the audio and visual experience. The enemies and scenery in Super Star Shooter 16 all move to the beat of the music. This often creates a sensation of calm focus or feeling "in the zone" during gameplay.   

Fun, Simplistic Gameplay and Controls 

Super Star Shooter 16 is intended for casual gamers. This game is intended to be very easy to get into, but difficult to master. The control scheme is very simple and does not take long to learn (or relearn).  


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