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Failsafe (7800)


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Release Date: June 28, 2023

Retail: $4.99

Developer(s): Bob DeCrescenzo

Publisher: Bob DeCrescenzo

Synopsis :The War Continues...  After the successful elimination of the terrorists and their missile silo complexes, we have heard through various sources that they have relocated, and have doubled their security! Once again you must invade enemy territory and prevent the missile launching aimed at Washington D.C. and stop the terrorists once and for all! 

In FailSafe you must make your way through five different terrains in search of the Depot where you will pick up Fail-Safe clues. One letter in the code, in its correct position, appears in the center of your fuel gauge.

The sixth terrain is the most dangerous of all - the missile silo is heavily guarded by all enemies, including a mine field! If you make your way past that, you will have to enter the four-digit hexadecimal code to stop the launch and save the world. Do that, and you will start over in a more difficult environment. Otherwise...  Along the way you will encounter more accurate jeeps, cruise missiles, stationary shooters, pill boxes, and even the terrorists themselves, hiding behind bunkers!

Don't worry though, the U.S. has dropped helpful packages which are unfortunately guarded by these enemies. But once you destroy them, the packages are yours for the taking! They will come in these forms:     

(F) Freeze Enemy - these will jam the enemy radar and halt them for a period of time.    

(I) Invincible - your tank will be invulnerable to enemies and their fire, but it only lasts for a few seconds, so be quick!    

(S) Speed - gives your tank a temporary speed boost, making it capable to plow through trees, towns and water like they were open road.    

(D) Distance - your tank will be able to shoot much farther distances than your enemies, for a short period of time. 

When these power ups are about to run out of their power, your tank will begin to flash. Make sure you get to safe ground! 


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I picked this up even though I have it on cart. It's a fun game and nice homage to Countermeasure.

I know that most of Bob's games have IP/Licensing issues and so will likely not see a VCS release. It would be nice to get something like Crazy Brix on here too, as that is original and would be great with the Classic's spinner control.

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32 minutes ago, socrates63 said:

How is the 7800 emulation on the VCS? I saw that there were a bunch of 7800 games available.

It's pretty solid as far as I can tell.  I have all of the 7800 releases that are available and they play very well.  I just wish there were a scanline filter as in Atari 50.  That would be the chef's kiss!


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