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Spider-Man Upside Down 2600


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I am new the this forum site, so first of all, thanks for letting me in here. I have see and read several posts in here, and WOW, you guys know your stuff. Growing up I was never an Atari player, I started with the Coleco Telstar Arcade, then Intellevision, skipped right over the Atari series and went to the NES, PlayStation. Then PC gaming and haven't looked back at consoles, until now. But it is not to game with. So, with all that being said, let me get to the point as to why I am here, and then hope to get some more history and knowledge 🙂


I came across a factory sealed, Upside down back, Spider-Man for the 2600. looking thru the net, I have seen several that was WATA rated and possibly worth a few bucks. I came here looking to see if anyone would know, by looking at some pics, which is never the best way, could give me some advise on where or how to sell this. The pics are hard to see the factory cellophane, but it is definitely still sealed.


Any advice would be much appreciated, Thanks in advance 🙂 





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Hey man nice! I found this sold 1st of June $329 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/354821160419?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=705-154756-20017-0&ssspo=pcp131e0qbm&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=yknejs7gqac&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY

And there is about 3 sold for 1000 but they had been graded 9 and 9.4 and a 9.8 sold for 2000 maybe worth getting it checked out? I think eBay auction is the best way to sell it. 

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Yea, the ones i see WATA rated that are "Upside Down" are going for a crazy amount on Ebay. I guess I will just have to get it rated and go from there. I really appreciate everyone's input on this title. I look forward to telling the rest of the story as it happens 🙂 

God bless and HAPPY 4TH everyone

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Interesting to see the "upside down" conversation unfold. I had a number of "upside down" Parker brothers Q*Bert titles shrink-wrapped. In my experience the "upside-downess" of it didn't affect the value, but being shrink-wrapped nabbed me an unsolicited $400 offer. I'm going to move this to our Price Check forum where it would be more pertinent.

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