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Intellivision in Movies & T.V. Shows


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I saw this literally minutes ago and had to laugh it was so obvious. While it may not exactly be an Intellivision I think it is pretty clear someone in the prop department must be an Intellivision fan 😆It goes by quick but it was obvious enough I went thought "Hold up a sec, is that?......" so I paused and took a screen grab. ODDLY it's supposed to be a movie playing device which makes the controllers very questionable 🤔 🤨🤷‍♂️

Now to be clear, it's a new movie trailer for a movie on Peacock and after watching the trailer it was enough for me personally to say "Er, I think I'll pass" BUT I thought it might not be noticed by many and if anything this might be the best thing about it so I thought I would share it. Now, you can watch the trailer and see for yourself (about 1 min in) I have also attached a screen grab for convenience. Maybe this could have been Intellivision in the future or perhaps an alternate reality version, I think what I would really like to see is a modder with much greater skills than I turn a normal basic Intellivision into a copy of this one (perhaps using one that is already blemished or defective as to not alter a good one) but anyway I just found it amusing.

Trailer (pause about 1 min in)


The money shot:

ONE Media - IF YOU WERE THE LAST Trailer (2023) Anthony Mackie [vis9He4AKdA - 1200x675 - 1m01s].png

Feel free of course to add your own Intellivision consoles or variations or obvious tributes to the console as seen in Movies or TV shows. I personally cannot recall any others off the top of my head, has an INTV II ever appeared in any? Would love to see that. Of course the the classic Atari 2600 has been spotted in TONS of films and TV shows, heck even the Colecovision is seen in the movie Firestarter with Drew Barrymore but I don't think the good old Intellivision got much representation? Maybe I am wrong, let's see what you got!



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