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Jaguar High Score Club

D r Clu

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This thread is for the high score thread over on Atariage where people play set games and submit their scores or whatever accomplishments here.

If you are unable to get on Atariage we could pass scores over to their message area from time to time before the deadline.  And naturally if the score is accepted will be up to the person running the HSC. 


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High score club is in their third month of the current season, and previous games can be played for one participation point, which can help.

Current month is Raiden and Rayman!   Pulling out the stops for this one!



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Jaguar aficionados might also enjoy our celebration of 30 years of the Atari Jaguar by participating in our cross-platform TEMPEST 2000 Squad Challenge hosted by @Sabertooth in Club VCS!

You can play the game on Atari 50, BigPEmu or on original hardware!

Join us here:





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