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Your welcome SS! I just came across that one a few days ago too.

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So, we headed out to Wallingford, CT this afternoon for my first retro video game expo. 


It was pretty much what I expected, with a lot more people there than I thought.


Lots & lots of vendors, which was great to see:






Some of the artwork was REALLY cool:






The lines to play the arcade machines & consoles were quite long, so here's some Astrosmash on the Intellivsion:




(Apologies for the poor photo. I felt kind of weird taking pictures of people playing games)


And here's my haul. All of this for $20:




I was really hoping to come home with an SNES or 7800 & I had my eyes on a Gamecube for $35, but after forking over $50 ($25 each) just to get in the door, I had a hard time justifying spending any more than what I did. Hopefully some day I can afford to really do some damage at one of these.  ;)


I'm sure the organizers paid a steep cost to rent the facility for the day but I know I would be much more inclined to spend more money inside if I spent less to get in. That's just me. Apparently others have a lot more disposable income.


I took a lot of business cards so hopefully I can be in touch with some of the vendors. But to be honest, I'd much rather work out a trade or purchase with members of this forum before I did that.


All in all it was a GREAT afternoon and I'm very glad I was able to make it. Thanks for the heads up Arenafoot!

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That are really good pictures. 


I can totally agree with your "cost" assessment.  There is a HUGE show in Portland this month, and the last few years have been similar to your experience.  You spend a large sum to get in, and wait in line for everything,  Luckily for me, there is another nearby show here that is much smaller in scope, is cheaper to get in, AND the money goes to charity. 

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$50 is steep I'm assuming that's just a one day pass? I bitch that I pay $30 per person to get into Too Many Games.


I'm done with going to expos where the focus is on console gaming. I will continue to go to pinball and arcade shows.

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