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Ca$H Cow DX


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Release Date: 3/29/24

Retail: $5.99

Developer: pixel games SARL-S

Publisher: pixel games SARL-S

Official Site


Holy cow, it's all about the moooney! Embark on an udderly jolly adventure to rescue Cash Cow's riches from the clutches of the greedy Pig Pockets and reclaim what's rightfully hers! Get ready for a blast from the past with an 80s inspired arcade experience released 40 years late...

  •     5 multi-screen levels, bonus stages and secrets
  •     player speed selection: normal or turbo
  •     arcade, speedrun and marathon modes
  •     delightful chiptunes by Vincent Verger aka Tuï
  •     illustration and official merch by Pete Ellison
  •     B/W and color TV compatible (unplug antenna first)
  •     cross-platform, worldwide leaderboards


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From the maker of Donut Dodo, Sigi - a Fart for Melusina, and Sir Lovelot comes Ca$H Cow DX!  Like Donut Dodo, this one screams 80s arcade vibes with gameplay, art style and difficulty right out of the smokey halls of your favorite dive circa '83. 

I'm thrilled that this has been confirmed for the VCS.  Of course, we knew it could handle it.  Here's some gameplay footage of the Steam demo simultaneously played and recorded on the VCS in PC-MODE:


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