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  1. Well, the time has come to replace my desktop computer.  I have stretched its life as much as possible but no the DVD drive doesn't work, none of the USB ports work, it freezes when I try to copy and paste files...  I had not realized how old this machine was!  I've had it since 2011!  I believe it has provided me with good service for 13 years! 

    So, I just ordered a new monster computer from Dell.  I9 processor, 64 GB RAM, 4 TB hard in two hard drives, liquid cooling...the works.  Hopefully it lasts as long as this one!  LOL  I did get the extended warranty for the next 4 years.  The one thing I hate is having to transfer data from one computer to the other.  Thankfully, most of my stuff is backed up online, so that will make it easier to restore files.  But setting up programs is going to be a PITA!!!!  Wish me luck!

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    2. TrekMD


      Absolutely!  I upgraded the HDD's to SSD's on the current computer.  I think I can still use them as data drives (external) with the proper hardware.  That will expand the storage another 4GB!  Given the new CPU/RAM/etc. I expect the computer to simply fly!  🙂

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    4. TrekMD


      Yes.  That's what I have now, but a model 13 years old.

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