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  1. Almost five years of faithful service, but now the painted finish on the casing of my 3DS XL is starting to bubble up and flake off, apparently exacerbated by the humidity here.

    I've decided to finally swap the old girl out for a newer refurbished model.

    1. HDN


      My beloved 3DS has had that for years. You can tell after a second of looking at it where my hands go. Some chips on it where I dropped it a couple of times. The B and X buttons need a little encouragement to work properly. The back plate is barely being held in place by two screws with chips in the plastic slowly closing in on them. The plastic nub that keeps the stylus from sliding out has been worn down after taking the stylus in and out hundreds if not thousands of times and is reinforced with a layer of masking tape. Every inch of that thing is covered in scratches like it was attacked by a cat.

      I love my 3DS and wouldn't trade it for the world. My favorite game system of all time fluctuates between the SNES, GBA and New 3DS XL. I have so many fond memories of the thing.

      Wow. You got me all nostalgic there for a second.

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