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  1. Hey Everyone! I make high quality vinyl label sets for many different systems. You can find them on ebay and etsy but you can also order them directly from me for cheaper! I'm happy to sell but also love trades! Sets I currently have are: Vectrex GCE Set - 28 labels, every original release plus multicart label. - $18 shipped in North America Vectrex MB Set - 28 labels, every original release plus multicart label. - $18 shipped in North America Sega 32X Set - 34 labels, every original release for all regions. - $18 shipped in North America Nintendo 64 Set - 310 labels, North American set plus extra labels for cart variants. - $40 shipped in North America Atari 5200 Set - 55 labels, North American set of games that don't already have end labels. - $25 shipped in North America Atari Jaguar Set - 49 labels, every original release - $30 shipped in North America Future sets I have planned are Atari XE and Atari Computer. Open to other suggestions as well! Some info on these labels (copied from my N64 ebay listing but they apply to all of them): Many other sellers claim to have the best set available, let me tell you why mine actually are! These are the absolute best labels that money can buy! - These are designed to look like professional Nintendo brand end labels, like NES and SNES they are HALF CART labels which means you can open your cartridges to clean or change batteries without damaging the labels! No one else does this! - They match other Nintendo carts so they look great on a shelf with your NES and SNES carts. - They are made with waterproof vinyl and stand up to cleaning better than the N64 face labels! Great for when your kids or your friends dirty your games with their Doritos covered fingers. - You can clean these with a Magic Eraser and they won’t fade. They will even stand up to mild rubbing alcohol cleaning! - Each label is precision cut to fit EXACTLY in the gap between the N64 cartridge grooves. These labels aren’t a stock size that you can buy in a store. Very professional looking and easy to apply.
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